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Peter Pan's Command Deck top.
This article is about the D-Link. You may be looking for the character.

Peter Pan (ピーター・パン Pītā Pan?) is a D-Link in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, usable by Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. It is obtained after clearing Neverland.


The Peter Pan Dimension Link consists of commands suited to attack aerial enemies. It's Swordbill finisher works great for a single enemies since it strikes a single enemy with a huge amount of blows. Its Float ability can be used to obtain highly placed Sticker Crowns. Template:Section-stub


Level 0

DL PeterPanAvatar.png
Command Deck

Level 1 DL PeterPanLevitate.png

DL PeterPanAvatar.png
Command Deck
  • Quick Blitz, Quick Blitz, Sliding Dash, Confusion Strike, Zero Gravity
  • Swordbill

Level 2 DL PeterPanDoubleHit.png

DL PeterPanAvatar2.png
Command Deck

Exclusive Commands


Swordbill (エアパッシング Ea Passhingu?, lit. "Air Passing"), - The player and their Keyblade become surrounded in a pale green aura. Time slows down majorly effecting everything but the player.

If the player rapidly presses Template:Button(Template:Button in Final Mix), the player will deal out many swift jabs at their target with their Keyblade. The ability requires the player to hit the Template:Button rapidly for quicker attacks. After many strikes, time goes back to normal and the player will rapidly slash through the target with their Keyblade and the finisher ends.

Barrel Roll

Barrel Roll (バレルロール Bareru Rōru?) - The finisher starts with the player doing a spinning slash in the air. After the spinning slash the player will be prompted to hit a button. If the wrong button is mashed or the player takes more than two seconds to hit the button the finisher will end.

If the correct button is pressed, the player does two spinning slashes and then will be prompted to press a button again. Up to nine spinning slashes can be performed before the finisher ends. When the spinning slash hits enemies the enemies will drop prizes.


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