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The Pain and Panic Cup is the first tournament at the Underdrome in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, and all of the enemies within are set at level 20. It locks the use of Drive Forms, but reduces the MP consumption of Limits. The Pain and Panic Paradox Cup is a harder form of the Pain and Panic Cup, with all enemies capped at level 60. It is unlocked after completing the Goddess of Fate Cup.

Pain and Panic Cup


Fight alongside your friends. The Drive Gauge can't be used but Limits consume less MP than usual.

No experience is gained.


Match 4

You should use magic against the Hot Rods so that you can defeat them while staying out of their range.

Match 8

Although you only need to stay alive for 60 seconds to complete this match, it is an excellent opportunity to amass points by using Magnet and Thunder on the Rapid Thrusters.

Leon & Yuffie

You cannot collect points in this match, so just focus on defeating Leon and Yuffie. As Leon's attacks are more powerful than Yuffie's, he should be targeted first. Once he is down, focus all attacks on Yuffie as she warps about. Use the more generous availability of Limits to your advantage. Template:Section-stub




Pain and Panic Paradox Cup




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