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Overclocks were first introduced in Kingdom Hearts coded and reappeared in its remake Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. An Overclock is activated by filling the the Overclock gauge by using attacks and Deck Commands. Once full, Data-Sora will unleash a devastating move that will deal large amounts of damage to enemies. Overclocks also have levels, which are determined by the Overclock Tree, a collection of abilities connected by diverging links, and these links connect one ability to another, forming a tree.

Some abilities have tabs attached to them that end the chain. This allows the Overclock ability to be accessed more quickly, but also reduces the level of the Overclock, therefore reducing its power. If none of these abilities are chosen and the chain reaches the final abilities in the tree, the Overclock will be at MAX level, making it the most powerful it can be. Different Overclocks are accessed by equipping them in the Gear Matrix.

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