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Otherworldly Tales (別世界の戦記 Isekai no Senki?, Otherworldly War Records) is a Lexicon that can be wielded by Zexion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Otherworldly Tales+.


The Otherworldly Tales Lexicon has a vaguely rectangular shape with a small, triangular spike on the top and bottom of the spine. There is a black "X" shaped like the top half of the Nobody symbol on the spine, superimposed over a white diamond with a light gray outline. The rest of the book is orange with a thin, black border. The most distinctive feature of this Lexicon is that the shape of each cover's far edge sports three large spikes that bear a striking resemblance to those on Sora's crown necklace. The Madman's Vita is identical to this Lexicon, except for its color.

"Otherworldly" means "not of the real world" or "unnatural". A "tale" is simply a type of story.


Otherworldly Tales's ground combo begins with Zexion placing the Lexicon on the ground, slamming it closed on enemies, followed by a leftward/rightward swipe, with an illusion-spear forward thrust as the combo finisher. If Y is pressed while pressing a directional button, the illusion spear appears from the Lexicon, spinning clockwise twice over Zexion as he ducks.

Otherworldly Tales's aerial combo is extremely short, consisting merely of a diagonal slash from the bottom left to the top right followed by a forward spinning throw.

When Otherworldly Tales contacts an enemy, a purple star burst and yellow semicircles appear.

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