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Orbit is a Claymore that can be wielded by Saïx in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Orbit+.


The Orbit has a magenta handle with a black spike set in its pommel. The base of the blade is silver and has two small gaps in it; a square-shaped one near the base, and a triangular one closer to the center of the blade. The rest blade is comprised of three elongated, silver diamonds connected to a very small, yellow diamond in the center. All three of the diamonds that make up the blade have diamond-shaped gaps in their centers. The base of the blade also attaches to this diamond, and all four pieces of the weapon are held in place by a large, white ring.

When Saïx enters his berserker state, the base of the blade widens. The square-shaped gap is no longer present, while the triangular one in much larger. The lower half of the base also sports a vague, grey silhouette of a heart, similar to Xemnas's Absolute Ethereal Blades. The three diamonds that make up the blade also widen. No part of the weapon is connected to the yellow diamond in this form, and instead their tips are held in place by the central ring. The yellow diamond is now kept in place by an additional purple section of the blade. The entirety of the blade is also lined by a new, black blade with purple edges. The Orbit is nearly identical to the Lunar Phase claymore, except for its color scheme.

An "orbit" is the path an astronomical object takes around another. For example, the Moon orbits the Earth.


Orbit's normal ground combo starts with a side-stepping movement and a sideways slash, followed by a near-vertical upward slash then a diagonal downward slash, and ends with a 360-degree spinning swipe and an upward diagonal slash. The Y-Combo can be activated after the second attack, and consists of a leap and a powerful downward vertical slash.

The aerial combo consists of a dash forward in mid-air, followed by three 360-degree spinning swipes.

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