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Oogie's Manor is a Disney boss original to the Kingdom Hearts series. After Oogie Boogie is defeated for the first time in Kingdom Hearts, he'll fuse with his manor to create a giant boss. In order to defeat it, you must destroy the seven Shadow Globs that possess it.


Right after defeating Oogie Boogie and retrieving the artificial heart Doctor Finkelstein was working on, Sora, Jack, Donald and Goofy are shocked by a sudden earthquake. They turn around to see the manor covered in smoke. When it clears, they see Oogie has used the power of darkness to merge with his manor. Slaying the giant Oogie grants you access to Halloween Town's Keyhole and the Pumpkinhead Keychain.


This is one of the only boss battles where you can enter and exit the arena at will in Kingdom Hearts, the others being the Opposite Armor battle and the Captain Hook battle. There are two possible exits; one on the Bridge, and one at the creek on the left side, once Sora jumps down.

If possible, travel to and lock the Keyhole in Neverland before beginning this fight to learn the shared ability Glide; using this ability makes it easier to reach the shadow globs covering the manor. Glide also comes in handy to keep you from falling to the ground and forcing you to find your way back up, which is very time-consuming.

When traveling on the manor, always be ready to use Guard because there are swinging objects that may push you off. No matter where you are on him, the boss always looks around and finds a chance to attack Sora, and it may be difficult to see the globs in the darkness of Halloween Town, so be prudent. To avoid overlooking the globs, consistently Lock On to something because the locking system will find the nearest target.

When attacking the globs, watch out for the two lanterns that are swinging around, as they will throw balls of fire at you. You can also destroy the lanterns for more experience points; dodge the flames until it swings over the platform that you are on, then hit a few times or use Blizzard magic, but try not to fall off the platform. You could also try summoning Dumbo if the summon is available.


Oogie's Manor - Kingdom Hearts

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  1. The HP of each Shadow Glob is separate.

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