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Oogie's Manor.

Oogie's Manor is Oogie Boogie's mansion. It is located on a high hill, only reachable via the walking tub. The entrance consists of a broken bridge. Oogie Boogie's main room isn't located in the top level, but below a small green-doored room called the Torture Chamber. Inside the chamber, various gadgets and traps reminiscent of gambling tools can be found. The intruders are forced down to the roulette table, where razor blades and exploding dice are thrown down.

After Oogie's defeat, he uses the Dark powers to merge with his manor, creating a gigantic version of himself. In this form, his spider cage takes a lantern-like form, swinging and spewing fires at the same time. The only way of destroying this form is to destroy the dark orbs supplying Oogie Boogie with his power. After the manor collapses, the moonlight will reveal the Keyhole in this world, situated below Oogie's Manor.

In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, not much of Oogie's Manor is shown in the storyline, except for the Torture Chamber (accessible with a Key to Truth card), where Sora and company proceed to battle Oogie Boogie.



  • While any unopened treasure chest from the manor will reappear in the ditch after this battle, the Red Trinity must be activated before the battle or it will be unobtainable. This bug was corrected in Final Mix.
  • The battle with Oogie's Manor is one of three boss battles where you can go in and out of the arena at will, the others being Captain Hook and the Opposite Armor in Traverse Town. When on the bridge, Sora can leave the area, but after he jumps down, the only way out of the battle is by the exit at the creek.
  • The name of the location is actually inaccurate in regards to the movie, Nightmare Before Christmas where this area is considerably smaller and merely the treehouse for Lock, Shock, and Barrel.
  • The Oogie's Manor boss is based off Mega-Oogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge.