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Omega Trinity (オメガトリニティ Omega Toriniti?) is a pair of Chakrams that can be wielded by Axel in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Omega Trinity+.


An Omega Trinity Chakram's main wheel is quite a bit smaller than those on most of Axel's other Chakrams. It is black on the outer edge and gold on the inner edge. This type of Chakram sports three enormous, red spikes shaped like the spikes on the Nobody sigil around the edges (the fact that there are three likely referencing the "Trinity" part of the name), and three much shorter, black spikes in between each large one. The handle is three-pronged, again unlike most of Axel's other Chakrams, which usually have a four-pronged handle.

This weapon's name may be a reference to Axel's friendship with Xion and Roxas, similar to Sora's Trinity Limit referencing himself, Donald, and Goofy. It also could connotate to the three spikes on the Chakrams.


The ground combo begins with two simple slashes going left and right. It ends with the Chakrams spinning around the caster.

The aerial combo is two simple slashes going left and right repeated twice. It ends with the Chakrams telepathically spinning around Axel.

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