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This is the walkthrough for Olympus Coliseum as it is featured in Kingdom Hearts, as well as its Final Mix version. Sora, Donald, and Goofy traveled to the Olympus Coliseum and ran into Philoctetes, who offered to train them for the games.


There is no combat here for now, thus making it possible to do the first few objectives here prior to heading to Wonderland (which has a lower battle level). Activate the two blue Trinity Marks, open the one treasure chest, then enter the lobby and talk to Phil. Push the block as instructed, then talk to him again. Talk again after the cutscene to begin Phil's Training.

Phil's Training

This is a series of time-based minigames, the objective being to destroy all barrels within a specific time limit. The focus lies more on utilizing positioning and proper attack direction, and thinking ahead on what is most efficient. It's important to direct your attacks in such a way that the combo finisher hits as many barrels at once, to destroy them the fastest. When hitting single barrels with a finisher you will also launch them forward, destroying any others on impact. If need be you can always resort to casting Fire on lone barrels. You should also unequip any unhelpful abilities, such as specific finishers.

The first challenge simply has you hit a few stacks of barrels, 20 total, in 30 seconds. Just move forwards, using combos to destroy each stack. The last two barrels here will require proper positioning, as you have to attack one and use the combo finisher to make it fly into the other barrel. If you miss and are short on time, use Fire to destroy it instead.

The second challenge has 25 barrels, on a 60 second time limit, with a larger arena requiring more advanced planning. Head right around the main square first, hitting the lone barrel to destroy the stack of two ahead, then repeat this with the two barrels behind the main area. Circle around to destroy the stack of four on the left of your initial starting position. Then climb the platforms to destroy the rest. The last barrel is similar to the previous challenge, but Fire can again be used to destroy it.

If you complete both on time Phil will teach you Thunder, a powerful area of effect spell that targets random enemies in the target area, making it more effective against larger groups. You can try Phil's Training again, but know it becomes inaccessible later on. Exit the lobby, and then return to Phil after receiving an Entry Pass from Hades, allowing entry into the Preliminary Tournament. You can enter, but if you have not done Wonderland first it is recommended to do so.

Preliminary Tournament

# Team Enemies
1 Shadow Scout Soldier ×4
Blue Rhapsody ×3
2 Sinisters Shadow ×10
Blue Rhapsody ×3
3 Heat & Freeze Blue Rhapsody ×5
Red Nocturne ×5
4 Shadow Platoon Blue Rhapsody ×3
Red Nocturne ×3
Shadow ×2
Soldier ×2
5 Blue Revenge Blue Rhapsody ×9
6 Big One Large Body ×1
Blue Rhapsody ×4
Red Nocturne ×4
7 Cloud Cloud

Tournaments involve Sora and company fighting fixed groups of Heartless that you might not otherwise encounter normally. HP and MP carry over, and you cannot access the pause menu while the tournament is on-going, making it more of a series of endurance rounds. Heartless and other enemies will also never drop orbs, nor items, although you will often earn a reward at the very end. They are also often stronger than when you would encounter them on their native worlds.

The Preliminary Tournament will introduce the Blue Rhapsody enemies, small flying Heartless that shoot ice-elemental spells, and are weak to Fire. If you have not visited Wonderland yet you will also encounter Red Nocturnes, which are the fire-themed variant, and are weak to Blizzard (which you will get in Wonderland). A single Large Body is also introduced, which are invulnerable to frontal melee damage, but not to magic, and will start using powerful charge attacks after taking enough damage.

The actual fights are for the most part fairly manageable, although there is a very large amount of the aforementioned Rhapsody and Nocturne enemies. The few Shadows and Soldiers are easily taken out with Thunder, whereas this is not very effective against the other two enemies. Try and focus on taking them out one by one while Dodge Rolling to avoid being hit too often from the rear and your flanks.

The seventh match will be against Cloud, although like Leon's you are allowed to lose, only missing out on the Experience in the process.

Cloud bossfight

The Cloud bossfight.

Cloud has three types of attacks, he will either use a wide, sweeping combo of three hits with his sword, which are best avoided by not staying in front of him. His second move is a quick dash and thrust, which he can and will do in quick succession, but is easily telegraphed by his grunts, and can be avoided by Dodge Rolls to the side. His last move is when he jumps into the air, landing down on your position, which can also be avoided by a timed Dodge Rolls.

Donald and Goofy will likely perish due to his strength, so it is best to ignore them. Cloud is resistant to both Fire and Blizzard, but not to Thunder, although you will be able to cast Fire far more often and quicker as well. Focus more on dodging and getting in combos when you can on his flanks and rear until he goes down. Cloud himself will also backdash and block your attacks from time to time, further prolonging the fight. Like Leon, do not stick around too much either, as he cannot always be staggered and can counter your melee attacks quickly.

If you win or lose; Cerberus will always show up, and you will be returned to the lobby. Cerberus can be difficult, but you can return to him later after Wonderland or even Deep Jungle if you wish.

Cerberus bossfight

The Cerberus bossfight.

Cerberus is massive, but in turn you can use the entire arena to move around. He can spit fireballs and will walk around while doing so, forcing you to repeatedly run around and Dodge Roll to avoid them, or try and return them with timely deflections. His signature attack is a powerful series of bites, and due to the three heads will easily crush anything directly in front of him, and somewhat to the side as well. Try and attack one of the heads from the side, moving away with a dodge roll when it prepares to bite (sometimes you can get lucky and dodge him by sticking close to his throat).

Another one of his moves is a ground slam, which is easy to see coming as he will rear up on his hind legs and then slam down, creating a shockwave. His final move is when he spews darkness into the ground, which will result in a rapid series of energy spikes underneath and near your position. He often follows this up with his fireballs, but both are easily avoided by continuous rolls.

Both Blizzard and Fire will be less effective against the heads, his only weakpoint, but Thunder can prove helpful due to the three easy targets and lack of resistance. As long as you keep avoiding the shockwaves, fireballs, and energy spikes you can reliably deal damage when he is using his bite attacks, provided you move away when the head nearest to you is going to bite.

Equip the Inferno Band you receive after his defeat, the Hero License you get from Phil only serving to allow access to later tournaments in the Coliseum. Talking to Cloud will net you the Sonic Blade ability, a powerful, but costly, special ability that enables you to enter a series of rapid thrusts. You can now continue with either the walkthrough for Wonderland if you have not visited it yet, or the walkthrough for Deep Jungle; the next world to be visited.

Phil Cup

The Phil Cup becomes available after sealing the Keyhole at Traverse Town, it is short at only nine seeds, featuring the same enemies already fought so far (excluding Red Armor, which is just a Guard Armor variant). After you clear the cup you receive Gravity, which when cast will summon a dark sphere of energy, flattening enemies. It is somewhat slow, and due to the percentage-based damage is more effective against large enemies with a lot of HP. Bosses are usually very resistant to Gravity.

You can also attempt to beat the Phil Cup alone, which requires more control of the crowd to avoid being overwhelmed as Donald and Goofy will not be there as support. Completing it solo will earn you only a Mythril Shard in the original version, whereas Final Mix grants the Combo Plus ability. You can also attempt the time trial to clear the Cup within three minutes, but this is likely too hard for now. Doing so does reward you with only an AP Up in the original, and a Tech Boost ability in the Final Mix version. Assuming you attempted the Phil Cup after Traverse Town, the next destination is Agrabah (walkthrough).

Pegasus Cup

Available after completing Monstro, the Pegasus Cup features another nine rounds against various Heartless. The ones encountered the same as those on Agrabah and Monstro, with the Black Fungus being the most notable newcomer. The final seed is against both Leon and Yuffie at the same time, which can prove difficult, but manageable by relying on your support spells.

After finishing it you will earn Strike Raid, a special ability like Sonic Blade, in which Sora will repeatedly throw the Keyblade at enemies. You can also attempt to do the Solo and Time Trial modes for an Orichalcum and Dark Matter, respectively, or a Mythril and Defense Up in the original version. It is likely you are not yet strong enough however, but you can always attempt the Phil Cup time trial instead if you have not yet.

Assuming you went here right after Monstro and other side objectives, the next destination is either Atlantica (walkthrough) or Halloween Town (walkthrough).

Hercules Cup

Available after completing both Halloween Town and Neverland, again featuring nine rounds against various Heartless from the previous two worlds, including a Rare Truffle. The fourth seed is against Cloud, who will have a powerful new attack, and the final seed is against Hercules himself, whom you always face solo. Beating Cloud grants you the Metal Chocobo Keyblade.

After victory you will receive the Herc's Shield for Goofy, as well as the Trinity Push ability for yellow Trinity Marks. Use it on the one next to the stone block to find the Keyhole, after which you also receive the Olympia Keyblade, which has a high base damage, immediately turning the new Metal Chocobo useless. You can attempt the solo and time trial matches as well, for the Critical Plus and Gravity Break abilities (an Orichalcum and Power Up in the original). Note that the time trial has a bug where if you restart during the last round the timer will be frozen.

If you came here straight after Neverland the next location would be Traverse Town. If not you likely can go straight to Hollow Bastion (walkthrough). Prior to that, use the new Trinity Push, and the previously-acquired Glide, abilities to do another final run through old worlds to acquire new items. Notable is the Aerora spell you can acquire in Neverland by using Trinity Push in the Hold area.

Hades Cup

The Hades Cup becomes available after winning all prior cups and sealing the Final Keyhole at Hollow Bastion, although actually attempting it is likely best done until after completing the End of the World, up until the point of no return at the Final Rest area. It features a total of 49 rounds against all Heartless encountered so far, excluding those from Atlantica and the new ones featured in Final Mix.

Due to the length you receive multiple rewards, starting with the Genji Shield after defeating Yuffie, followed by Blizzaga after the Destroyed Behemoth (a normal Behemoth in the original version). You also receive Thundaga after defeating Cerberus, and the Lionheart Keyblade after defeating Cloud and Leon. Defeating Hades grants Graviga as well as Ansem's Report 8.

The final boss is Rock Titan, and after its defeat you receive Trinity Limit, and access to the solo and time trial challenges. Completing each respectively rewards you with the Save the Queen and Save the King weapons, some of the most powerful weapons for Donald and Goofy. Trinity Limit is another active ability, that although powerful, will drain everyone's MP to use.

After the Hades Cup it is possible to attempt the Gold Match, or try your hand at the Platinum Match (although it became available at the same time). Other targets are the various optional bosses at Agrabah, Neverland, and Hollow Bastion (in the Final Mix version). Lastly, there is also an incentive to grind synthesis materials for everyone's final superweapons, especially the Ultima Weapon Keyblade.

Gold Match

The Gold Match is available after the Hades Cup and features Sora on his own against the Ice Titan. It is one of the most difficult bossfights in the game, with a recommended level of over 60. Originally it gave no reward, but this was changed in the Final Mix version, in which you gain the Diamond Dust Keyblade, the sole weapon that grants a bonus of three MP.

Platinum Match

Unlike the easier Gold Match you can attempt the Platinum Match alongside the Hades Cup, although victory is highly improbable. Sephiroth is generally considered to be the hardest boss the game, and usually requires a level of at least 65, if not 70 or 75 depending on your skill level and difficulty. As he is fought alone it is recommended to use the Ultima Weapon, the best accessories, and a full set of Elixirs.