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The Ogre Shield (オーガシールド Ōga Shīrudo?) is a shield that can be wielded by Goofy in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It is found in The Land of Dragons.

It can only be obtained on Sora second visit to the Land of Dragons. To get it, one must enter the Throne Room. When Sora stands in front of the throne, turn left and head straight down until a chest becomes visible.


The Ogre Shield is a circular weapon with red edges lined by four squared-off bumps, each of which has a black screw in it. The upper half of the shield also sports two black, conical horns on its outer edge. The face of the shield has a thin, black outline, two black X's, each with four silver pins in them, and a large, conical, black spike in its center.

The face itself is predominantly yellow except for the bottom section, which is peach-colored, with the two sections being divided by a thin, blue-green line. The face of the shield resembles an actual face, with the X's acting as its eyes, the center spike as its nose, and the peach section as its squared-off teeth.

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