Kingdom Hearts II
Nobody Guard
Nobody Guard
"A shield with great strength.
Quickly revives wielder when fallen, and restores a lot of their HP.[1]"
Strength Magic
+8 +0
Hyper Healing[KHII]
Buy Sell
1% Drop by Gambler Nobodies.

Kingdom Hearts III
Nobody Guard
(ノーバディガード Nōbadi Gādo)
Nobody Guard+- Concept (Art) KHIII
"A shield that grants great Strength."
Strength Magic
+7 +0
Nobody Buster
Item Synthesis

Nobody Guard (ノーバディガード Nōbadi Gādo?) is a shield that Goofy can wield in Kingdom Hearts II and in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Goofy can obtain this from a Gambler Nobody.


The Nobody Guard's main shape is that of a thick, gray ring lined by eight spikes that alternate in size from large to small. The face of the shield is comprised by a gray cross with a dark gray center. This shield is vaguely reminiscent of Axel's Eternal Flames.

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Notes and References

  1. A translation mistake left the description as "Quickly revives wielder when fallen, and restores a lot their HP" as opposed to "a lot of their HP".
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