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The Noble Peony is a Scythe that can be wielded by Marluxia in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Noble Peony+.


The Noble Peony has a curved, green handle that darkens toward its top. There is a small, yellow section near the handle’s base, and its pommel is flat and black. The blade is comprised by a large cross with wide, rounded tips. The tip of the arm of the cross that makes up the blade is decorated by a yellow diamond surrounded by a navy blue teardrop shape. Each of the other three tips is decorated by a yellow teardrop shape surrounded by a thin, blue-white. The edges of the Scythe’s blade are predominantly dark blue, except for the tip of the main blade, which is blue-white. The middle of the shaft has a large, diamond-shaped gap in it, and a white “Y”-shaped piece of metal extending into this gap from the back arm of the cross. This Scythe and the Mad Safflower are palette swaps of each other.

"Paeonia" is a genus of plants and the only genus in the family of Paeoniaceae. The word "noble" can be used as a noun—referring to an aristocrat—or an adjective—"having moral or honorable qualities".


Noble Peony's ground combo consists of two slashes from left to right; then the weapon is swung up and to the left, bringing Marluxia into the air, before tossing the weapon in the air three times and finishing with a 360-degree slash. The aerial combo begins with two slashes from left then to the right before tossing the weapon in the air once and finishing with a 360 spin.


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