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The Nightwalker is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts II.


A Nightwalker has a spherical head with a jagged mouth and glowing, yellow eyes with black rings around them. Its skin is sky blue, and its arms are always held stiffly out in front of its body. It dresses in high-collared, purple robes with hand blue and yellow lining on the loose, furisode-esque sleeves. The front of these robes is magenta with yellow lining.

It also wears a wide, flat-topped hat that is purple on top and magenta near the base, with the two colors being separated by a yellow, zig-zagging line. It also seems to wear pointed shoes, though because they are the same color as the Heartless's skin, they may simply be its feet. Its Heartless symbol is printed on a small, yellow piece of parchment stuck to its forehead that burns in blue flames in order to bring it to life.

The Nightwalker's name and form could be a reference to Jiang Shi, a vampire-type Undead being in Chinese myth that would move about by 'hopping', and could only be stopped by priests who place Sutras, or magic imbued cards, on their forehead to calm and control the spirit in the body, and escort them to their final resting place.

Nightwalkers are summoned somewhat differently than other Heartless. The robe and hat appear along with the parchment before it bursts into flames, bringing the Nightwalker to life to attack its target.


  • Claw: Two hand claw-scratch
  • Tailspin Charge: Aerial tailspin charge
  • Spin Slash: Low spinning attack

They are ghostly Heartless that hover in midair. They use ghost-fire for long-range attacks but also use their claws for close range attacks. They can be difficult to defeat if one is low leveled, due to their aerial attacks and sweeps. Using physical attacks will bring it down eventually

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