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This is the walkthrough for Neverland as it is featured in Kingdom Hearts, as well as its Final Mix version. Sora and his friends travel to a new world, but are intercepted and captured by a pirate ship on their way there. They meet Riku again, who reveals to have found Kairi.


Although Monstro plus either Halloween Town or Atlantica are optional, you have to complete at least two before Neverland becomes available. Before arriving at Neverland you will be rammed, eventually ending up captive inside the ship after a cutscene. Peter Pan will be able to join your party, although he is not particularly stronger than either Donald and Goofy. He can cast his own versions of Stop and Aero, and fly as well. Exit the room through the only door into the Hold to immediately begin fighting Heartless.

Pirates are the standard melee enemy of Neverland, they are not particularly more dangerous than the rest, and dodging their large swords will leave them stumbling for a moment. You might also run into Shadow Soras, which are largely harmless and will often flee before you can beat them. Most of the doors will be locked for now, and the cramped quarters will make moving around difficult. Climb the nearby ladder and then enter the door on the right to run into several Barrel Spiders and a hole in the floor, leading to the Freezer.

Down here, fight more enemies, then use the second ladder to enter the Galley. Use the nearby shelf to jump through the right-most hole in the grating on the ceiling to enter the Cabin with another save point. Use it to switch Peter Pan out if you had him with you, then activate the green Trinity Mark to reveal a ladder, which leads to the Captain's Cabin and a bossfight.

AntiSora bossfight

The AntiSora bossfight.

AntiSora uses several of the same skills and ability as Sora, but no magic. It can also become a shadow, moving around like the Shadow Heartless. One of its more dangerous moves is when it vanishes into the floor, invisible, and will emerge behind you and immediately strike. After taking enough damage it will create two duplicates, which serve as decoys and can deal as much damage as the real boss. Use lock-on and Scan to find out the real one, as the copies will not share its HP bar.

Rely on Dodge Roll and Aero to avoid taking too much damage in the small area you have to fight in. Stopra is also helpful in pausing AntiSora, which can get rather elusive due to its skillset. After its defeat you will receive the Raven's Claw accessory, and can access the other closed trapdoor to find Wendy, after which Peter leaves. Use the save point, then go through the door into the Corridor, into the other Cabin, and then back into the Captain's Cabin. Use the door to finally exit onto the Deck.

After the cutscene Peter will rejoin you, you will also learn Cura, and gain the shared ability Glide (which is not actually usable here for now). You will now also be able to fly like Peter, which comes in handy during the next fight against Air Pirates; which you can easily handle with your flight to overcome their own. A Battleship will also appear, a powerful Heartless with individual parts that can be taken out to cripple its damage output and maneuverability. After you finish them all you will immediately have to fight Captain Hook.

Captain Hook bossfight

The Captain Hook bossfight.

Hook is immune to Thunder, and otherwise as resistant as all other bosses to magic, although using Fire will cause him to panic for a moment. While panicked he will run around in mid-air at high speed, dealing damage to anyone he runs into. The lure to fly around might be great here, but beware that you cannot use Dodge Roll if you do, although flight should still be used to stay away from Hook and recover. Ignore the Battleship supporting him, as it will be quickly replaced by another.

Hook is powerful at melee range, and can use his hook to deflect your attack after a taunt, countering immediately. Other than that he will sometimes throw explosives and otherwise focus on quick melee strikes and thrusts. He hits rather hard, so Aero is recommended to mitigate the damage somewhat. When he goes red with anger, he will proceed to follow you around, unleashing his powerful flurry attack that covers a short area around him. Avoid him while he does this, while using Dodge Rolls, Aero, Guard and deflections to deal with his melee attacks. Lastly, you can knock him into the water, giving you an opportunity for an easy aerial combo when he leaps back out.

After his defeat you gain Ansem's Report 9, and the Ars Arcanum ability. A powerful active skill that is costly, but lets Sora unleash a devastating and long attack combo. Afterwards you automatically fly to the Clock Tower, where you will have to hit the large arm on one of the clock faces to match the others, revealing the Keyhole. You will receive another Navi-G Piece, the Tinkerbell summon, the Fairy Harp Keyblade, and the shared ability Glide.

The Fairy Harp will be your strongest Keyblade so far, although it is quite short. Tinkerbell is a unique Summon since she does not replace Donald and Goofy, her ability is to passively heal you during combat, and also resurrect you immediately upon death. Glide on the other hand lets you fly around at a low speed in worlds other than Neverland, letting you access several new chests, or making others easier to reach.

Lastly, if you leave and return, you can find a new item at one of the Clock Tower's doors during each single hour of the game clock (up to twelve items, one per each hour, the relevant door will have a white light). These are all quite powerful, including several stat Ups. The next destination is Traverse Town, but you can also visit the Olympus Coliseum for the Hercules Cup.

Optional content

After sealing the Final Keyhole in Hollow Bastion you can return to the Cabin to let Tinkerbell take you to an optional boss. You need to have Peter Pan in your party to be able to talk to her, so swap Donald out for Pan. Donald will not be of too much use in the upcoming bossfight, although Pan himself will not be either. Goofy at least possesses MP Gift, which is his primary use alongside his many item slots. Load everyone up with Ethers as you should have plenty of spares, and equip as many MP boosting accessories on yourself as possible (ideally those that grant +2), alongside the Lady Luck Keyblade (or any other with +2 or more MP as a bonus).

Phantom bossfight

The Phantom bossfight.

Phantom is fought in the clock tower area and will begin the fight by casting Doom on Peter Pan, which leads to a series of lights to appear in front of the clock faces. The lights coincide with the number above Pan's head, and with each time the clock passes the five minute mark it ticks down, until it hits zero (or twelve on the clock), ejecting him from the party. Phantom will then resume this on your second party member, and finally Sora himself. Thankfully you can stop the entire effect by casting Stop or Stopra on the clock, which pauses it for sixty real-time seconds.

Next, Phantom will rotate in mid-air and reveal a glowing orb underneath its cloak; its only damageable point. The orb's color indicates the attack you can use on it; white for physicals (generally easily handled by your companions), red for Fire, blue for Blizzard, and yellow for Thunder. Any successful hit cause it to change the color of its orb (although it can also remain the same). Hits also stagger the Phantom, which is helpful as it will attempt to hit you with its claws, which deal a very high amount of damage. After three hits it will attempt to claw at you, which you can again avoid by moving away from it, after which it will initiate the orb cycle again.

After the second time it will fly in front of the clock tower and release a single homing bolt of energy. The bolt, if it connects, will deal damage in a short span of time akin to five claw attacks; the only chance at surviving that is successive Curaga's. Thankfully the bolt is easily canceled by hitting it and also blocked by Aerora (and Aeroga), although they are generally not worth the cost. Instead, just move around a corner of the clock tower and wait for the bolt to harmlessly impact on the walls.

Afterwards it will once again initiate the cycle of revealing its weakpoint; the colored sphere. You should be doing this fast enough to still be within the one minute timer on the clock, and only really need to recast Stop on it once Phantom uses its homing bolt attack again. This way you indefinitely keep your companions alive and able to support you as you whittle Phantom's health down bit by bit. Eventually it will go down, after which you gain the Stopga spell.