The Neoshadow is a Heartless from all Kingdom Hearts games.


It appears first in the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts, and can be fought in the End of the World in Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix. The Neoshadow later makes regular appearances in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. It is the next step up from the Shadow, and is more human-like. The Neoshadow is stronger and faster, and more capable of battle and strategy. Interestingly, Neoshadows die differently when they are killed. When Sora kills a regular Shadow, it vanishes into thin air and releases the heart it contains. However, when Sora kills a Neoshadow, it turns into a dark liquid and disappears after a moment, but it doesn't release a heart.

Journal Entry

It produces a shadow on the ground before attacking. Catch it off guard right after it attacks.

Once it tries to jump and attack, use the reaction command Aerial Dance for a flurry of attacks!


See: Neoshadow (Enemy Card)

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