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The Mystic Album is a Lexicon that can be wielded by Zexion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the Mystic Album+.


The Mystic Album lexicon is vaguely pentagonal in shape, with a semi-circular chunk taken out of the top, bottom, and far corners on each cover. The border is bright red, and the spine is lined by a black, vaguely hour glass-shaped design. Each cover sports an "X" shape that resembles the top half of the Nobody sigil, albeit with flattened tips. This symbol is white and has a black outline.

The illusion that bursts out of the Mystic Album during the ground combo has the same color scheme as the lexicon and is vaguely octagonal with semicircles cut out where the corners would be. The illusion's central design is six alternating black and white bars circling around a black hexagon. The illusion has a red background with a thin light blue border.

"Mystic" can mean "strange" or "arcane". An "album" is a book designed to hold photographs and similar materials.


Mystic Album's ground combo begins with a simple downward slash and leftward/rightward swipe, followed by Zexion placing the lexicon on the ground and slamming it closed on enemies. The combo finisher is Zexion holding the book pages-out with an illusion bursting out, slamming enemies directly in front.

When the Mystic Album contacts an enemy, a red sunburst shape bursts out, along with red-orange semicircles.

Mystic Album's aerial combo is very similar to Zexion's other aerial combos, consisting of a downward vertical slash, an upward vertical slash, and a spinning forward throw.

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