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The Mournful Cineraria is a Scythe that can be wielded by Marluxia in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the Mournful Cineraria+ and Mournful Cineraria++.


The Mournful Cineraria’s curved handle is pale green with a small, gold section at its base and a flat, black pommel. The shaft of the blade has a “T” shape and each of its ends is a spike resembling those on the Nobody sigil. The main blade is comprised of a thin arc on the underside of the shaft. The arc is lined by four spikes that decrease in size as the lower they are on the weapon. These four spikes are also similar in shape to those on the Nobody symbol. The base of the blade is gold, the shaft is lilac with indigo edges, and the main blade and the spikes on it are white with faint, lilac tips. The Mournful Cineraria bears an odd resemblance in color and in shape to Xigbar's Sharpshooter Arrowguns.

"Cineraria" is a genus of flowers that at one time included many more species than the roughly 50 species it contains now. The state of being "mournful" describes feelings of grief or sorrow.


Mournful Cineraria's ground combo highly resembles Tragic Allium's own ground combo. The main difference however is that while Tragic Allium has three swings, Mournful Cineraria adds on to the combo. The combo consists of a swing to the left, right, left, and the right, and before finishing the combo with a toss of the Scythe in the air, catching it, and doing a 360-degree slash. The aerial combo consists of two upward swings to the left and finishes with a 360-degree slash.

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