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Moulin Rouge (Red Windmill in English) is a pair of Chakrams that can be wielded by Axel in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Moulin Rouge+.


A Moulin Rouge Chakram has a rather small main wheel that is black with red edges. The wheel is lined with eight large spikes that are black with red edges. The handle is cross-shaped and silver, and each end of the cross attaches to one of the spikes rather than to the main wheel.

The Moulin Rouge is a dance hall in Paris, France, known best for its cancan dancers.Rouge is also the french word for red, a colour which symbolises fire.


The ground combo starts with a slide towards the target, then a slash to the left and finishes with Axel jumping in the air and throwing his Chakrams upon the target. During this combo, there is the option of using the Y-Combo to finish the combo early with the jumping throw mentioned before.

The aerial combo starts with a slash to the right and then the left, finishing with a circular slash in front of Axel and circling above him.

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