Moogle Points

Sora acquiring Moogle Points (both a large and small orb can be seen.

Moogle Points, abbreviated as MP, is the name of the currency used to purchase Cards from the Moogles in the Moogle Rooms in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. They are red in color, spherical or diamond in shape, and come in either a small or large size worth either 4 or 10 Moogle points.

Moogle Points can be acquired in two ways:

  1. By defeating certain Heartless in battle such as White Mushrooms and Black Fungi. If Sora or Riku slips on one of the Bouncywild's banana peels, a large amount of Moogle Points are released.
  2. By smashing and jumping onto the various objects scattered throughout each room.

As there is no way to automatically attract the Moogle Points, Cards, or Hit Points that smashed and jumped-onto objects yield, it is up to the player to chase after and collect the yielded items. The same holds true in regards to the dropped items in battle, unless the Bouncywild Enemy Card is equipped, which has the Draw ability, attracting all the items dropped by enemies in battle.

In Reverse/Rebirth, Moogle Points serve as Experience points, since Riku cannot enter a Moogle Room.

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