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Moogle O' Glory is a Keychain for Player's Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts Union χ.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ

The Keyblade initially starts as a Wooden Keyblade with the Moogle O' Glory Keychain that a Moogle was playing with in the Daybreak Town plaza, when it and the weapon are promptly squashed by Donald Duck and Goofy, who just landed in a Gummi Ship. A trio of Heartless arrives and the Moogle attempts to hold them off, only for the Keyblade to break. Player arrives shortly and the Keychain attaches itself to their Keyblade, transforming it into the Moogle O' Glory (unless they had that Keyblade equipped upon starting the first quest) and subsequently earning questions from Goofy and Donald. Player nonetheless makes do with the new weapon, protecting the trio easily; however, the Moogle claims credit during the aftermath, saying that it "made that glorious weapon", referring to the Moogle O' Glory that the player's Keyblade transformed into. The Moogle is then seen alone, remarking that it can "get [its] hands on a great weapon without doing a thing". After the quests, Player is seen cutting down the final Heartless. The Moogle repeatedly attempts to take the Keyblade back from them, but to no avail as it returns to Player's hand each time. Goofy comments that "it belongs to someone else now" and the Moogle reluctantly accepts defeat, walking away wordlessly.


The weapon has an extremely similar design between its four states, to the point that any adaptations are extremely minor between base, +3, and +6. The guard of the blade is made of a book and five stray pages on either side, referencing the fact that Uχ Moogles are extremely business-oriented and very intelligent. The handle is a black rod that appears to taper to a point on one end; however, this is caused by the overlapping pages. The base of the blade is an open red Treasure Chest, forming the rest of the blade via a stream of wind expelled straight up. On this updraft is a couple of Lux stars, the larger of which has a Moogle attached to it that serves as the teeth of the Keyblade. No visible differences are seen at +3.

At +6, both the blade and the guard gain rainbow coloring, accented by blue, green, purple and pink sparkles across the length of the Keyblade. Whether or not these two phenomena are connected is currently unknown. In addition to this, smaller stars of multiple colors spiral up towards the tip of the blade. The next change in appearance is not seen until +35, when the colors on the guard shift, and it gains a sparkling aura that cycles between blue, purple, and green (in that order). In addition, +35 adds multiple smaller Lux stars scattered along the length of the blade.


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