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Mission 92 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days takes place after Roxas leaves Organization XIII. He is faced with the challenge of defeating his former friend, Xion.

Mission goal

Regular Mission

Defeat Xion.

Story summary

Roxas regrets his decision to leave Organization XIII. A hooded Xion approaches him with sea-salt ice cream at the Twilight Town clock tower. This time, she reveals to Roxas that her face is turning into Sora and it is time she "plays her part" and absorb him to further Xemnas's plans.

Mission walkthrough

Day 357 takes Roxas to Twilight Town. Go to the Station Plaza, and save for the last time. Purchase any needed panels at the Moogle Shop near the far edge of the area. Walk up to the tower and choose to head up. A cutscene will play, then the boss battle with Xion's four forms begins.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 92
Avoid taking damage!
Level capped at 60, Enemy level +15
3 48 hits or less
2 49-72 hits.
1 73-88 hits.

Obtaining three Challenge Sigils is easy, as long as you jump to avoid Xion's attacks.

Challenge Mission 92SP
Finish in record time!
No recovery magic, Enemy level +30
3 10:00:00 or less
2 10:00:01-12:10:00
1 12:10:01-14:10:00

This Challenge Mission should be easy with the Zero Gear and three Ability Units. Use Limit Breaks to your advantage as to get through the first three battles quickly, and use a Limit Recharge in the fourth battle. Know how to predict Xion's attacks and avoid damage as often as possible.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Badges Unity Badge Bizarre Room Southwest table top
Ordeal Badge Bizarre Room High in the air above the chimney on the left side.
Ordeal Blazon Bizarre Room High in the air above the chimney on the right side. Requires Glide to reach.


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