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Mission 90 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas to Agrabah to plant a mysterious device for Organization XIII.

Mission goal

Regular Mission

Place the device.

Story summary

Still worried about Xion, Roxas is deeply troubled and begins questioning himself about who he really is. Nevertheless, he is sent on another mission, this time to Agrabah to plant a device.

Mission walkthrough

Defeat Heartless in every room while traveling to the Lamp Chamber. Once at the Lamp Chamber, Roxas sets up a device in the chamber on behalf of the Organization. However, two Scarlet Tangos and a Land Armor appear in an attempt to destroy the device. To move on Roxas must defeat them. The Heartless battle shouldn't be that hard, but watch out when dealing with the Land Armor. The Land Armor is highly susceptible to Aero magic. Limit Recharges, Potions, and Cure Magic are a good idea. Whittle away at its HP until you are victorious. After the battle is over, Roxas will immediately RTC in Mission Mode. There is an optional Invisible to face in the Secret Depths area. Jump up to the highest platform and it will appear. It is extremely weak against Fire Magic, but Thunder Magic will cure the Heartless.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 90
Finish in record time!
Deal 50% less damage
Enemy level +10
3 3:00:00 or less
2 3:00:01-4:00:00
1 4:00:01-5:00:00

Without regard for the other enemies in the stage, head straight to the Lamp Chamber in the Cave. Save time by using Aeroga against the Scarlet Tangos and the Land Armor, and Thundaga against the Aerial Masters.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Luck Tech Cave/Secret Depths Left of entrance; in alcove
Adamantite Cave/Lamp Chamber Straight across from entrance
Regular Potion The Cave of Wonders In front of entrance to Cave/Entrance Hall
Hi-Potion Cave/Entrance Hall Left of entrance; between two columns
Hi-Potion Cave/Lamp Chamber Left of entrance; near column
Badges Unity Badge Cave/Secret Depths Behind starting point
Ordeal Badge Cave/Entrance Hall North of entrance; between columns (Glide and High Jump Required)


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