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Mission 79 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas to meet up with Xigbar in Halloween Town so they can destroy a giant Heartless.

Mission goal

Regular Mission

Destroy the Chill Ripper.

Story summary

Roxas must meet up with Xigbar so they can eliminate a dangerous Heartless.

Mission walkthrough

As soon as you enter the town square, Roxas will be trapped in the area with Hover Ghosts and Icy Cubes. Defeat them with the help of Thunder and Fire spells respectively, then go to the graveyard to meet Xigbar. He partners up with you at this point, making the rest of this mission easier.

Fight through the Boneyards and Moonlight Hill to the Suspension Bridge. Use Fire spells to clear away the Icy Cubes and the Snowy Crystal to make room for the boss; bombard the Chill Ripper with Fire spells to bring it down quickly.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 79
Finish in record time!
Level capped at 60
Enemy level +13
3 4:20:00 or less
2 4:20:01-5:00:00
1 5:00:01-6:00:00




Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Thunder Recipe Suspension Bridge Left of entrance; in corner
Lightning Crystal Boneyard 1 Right of entrance
Regular Hi-Ether Halloween Town Square Across from entrance
Hi-Ether Boneyard 2 North of entrance; closest chest to entrance
Badges Unity Badge Halloween Town Square Above well
Ordeal Badge Boneyard 2 Northwest of entrance


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