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Mission 76 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas to Neverland to destroy another horde of shadow globs that has appeared.

Mission goal

Regular Mission

Destroy shadow globs.

Story summary

Roxas is sent to Neverland to destroy shadow globs.

Mission walkthrough

Many of the shadow globs are on the far sides of rocks jutting from the water's surface. There's also the danger of triggering Wavecrest appearances while flying around.

After clearing out the three shadow globs in the sea area, proceed to the pirate ship and do the same thing. Eliminate the ones on the deck and the mast, and he'll have completed the mission. Enter the Captain's Cabin and destroy the two in there to achieve 100%.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 76
Finish in record time!
Level capped at 30
HP drains continually
3 1:00:00 or less
2 1:00:01-2:00:00
1 2:00:01-3:00:00




Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Curaga Recipe The Night Sea On island left of starting point
Frost Crystal The Night Sea On island north of starting point
Badges Unity Badge Pirate Ship Deck Next to Captain's Cabin entrance
Ordeal Badge Pirate Ship Deck Near bow of ship


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