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Mission 73 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas to Olympus Coliseum to defeat Heartless in the Games.

Mission goal

Regular mission

Defeat Heartless in the Games.

Story summary

Phil desperately needs Roxas to fill in as a contestant in the Games. That's great news for Roxas, who's mission is to defeat Heartless in the games.

Mission walkthrough

Enter the Coliseum and speak to Phil. He's desperately in need of a challenger for the Games and Roxas fits the bill. You must survive five rounds in the arena, culminating in a battle against a powerful boss.
Round One
The first round pits Roxas against a couple of Air Battlers and a Sky Grappler. Inflict severe damage to the Sky Grappler by knocking the barrels into it from the top of the platforms on either side.
Round Two
In round two there are several cannon Heartless on top of a wall that can only be hit by the barrels that are lined up in front of Roxas. Knock the barrels into the cannons to defeat them. Notice that the Ordeal Badge for this mission is located behind the wall, so collect it before destroying the final cannon. Revisiting this mission with High Jump LV3 allows you to jump on to the wall and fight the Heartless yourself—a good idea, as they drop rare Ankharites when defeated.
Round Three
Use Fire spells to dispatch the Snowy Crystals and hit the barrels at the Switch Launcher. The latter's projectiles teleport Roxas into the center of the arena with the snowy crystals. Avoid its shot by using Air Slides or well timed Dodge Rolls.
Round Four
Use Thunder spells to eliminate the Watchers as quickly as possible to avoid being inflicted with shoe-glue status. If you are inflicted with shoe glue, use Panaceas to recover. You can't afford to be an easy target for the Ice Cannon. When only the cannon remains, ascend to the high platform and use Fire spells to weaken it for the kill.
Round Five
Round five pits you against a single Stalwart Blade on a flat arena. Stay on the defensive and the fight against the mission boss will end easily.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 73
Finish in record time!
No recovery magic
Enemy level +3
3 3:30:00 or less
2 3:30:01-5:00:00
1 5:00:01-6:00:00




Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Fire Recipe Outside the Coliseum Upper left corner; between two alters
Gear Component C Outside the Coliseum Lower left corner; between two alters
Badges Unity Badge Coliseum Vestibule Left of entrance
Ordeal Badge The Coliseum (Round 2) Behind wall


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