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Mission 71 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days has Roxas prove his endurance in The World That Never Was.

Mission goal

Regular mission

Survive against Dusks and Samurai Nobodies for two minutes.

Story summary

Roxas must prove his endurance.

Mission walkthrough

By linking the Dodge Rush(L) panel to a Dodge Roll panel, Roxas can roll between Dusks and Samurai with ease, without fear of being attacked mid-roll. Repeat this for two minutes to complete the mission. However, if you wish to fight, come back at a higher level. The Dusks and Samurais are at an extremely high level and cause havoc. You will start facing the Dusks first and at the second minute, the Samurais will start appearing.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 71
Earn lots of munny!
No recovery magic
3 200 or more
2 180-199
1 150-179




Type Items found Locations Notes
Badges Unity Badge Hall of Empty Melodies Behind starting point
Ordeal Badge Hall of Empty Melodies North of starting point

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