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Mission 65 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas and Luxord to eliminate a Novashadow in Wonderland.

Mission goal

Regular mission

Eliminate the Novashadow.

Story summary

Roxas and Luxord are sent to the wacky world of Wonderland once again, this time to eliminate a Novashadow, which the Queen of Hearts' Card Soldiers are desperately looking for as well.

Mission walkthrough

Drink from the bottle in the Bizarre Room to shrink, then head north to the Queen's Castle area. It seems the Queen's cards still haven't located the intruders they are looking for. Afterward, clear the room of Heartless, or simply return back to the Hedge Maze Entrance. The west entrance is now unblocked.

Because the guard in the passageway north of the entrance never closes his eyes, you cannot go that way. Instead, head west and examine the crystal switch on the ground. This switch activates the first of four lamps in the Bizarre Room. When all four are lit, the Novashadow becomes revealed.

Upon entering the west segment of the Red Rose Hedge Maze, Roxas are in danger of being spotted by a card that patrols the area near the exit. On the in-game map, he's represented by the white and green dot. If spotted, Roxas will be sent to the starting point of the previous area! Avoid this by waiting in the southwest corner of the area divided by a freestanding hedge wall. When the card comes into view, run around the east side of the hedge and proceed down the corridor before he turns and spots Roxas. Quickly open the southeast chest to obtain a Diamond and dash west before he returns.

Wait for the card at the corner to close his eyes, then run past. Follow the route west and then north to find the second switch.

Continue north, then stop and wait for the patrolling card to move around one side of the freestanding hedge so that Roxas can run around the other. Collect the items to the north, then head east after waiting for a card to close his eyes. Navigate east to the third switch and press it.

Pressing the third switch causes all of the cards to leave the area. Defeat the Heartless appearing near the northeast door, then enter it to reach the north part of the first area.

Follow the hedge maze south, then north, then east, defeating Heartless along the route. Next, go south and press the final switch. Continue south to the exit and return to the Bizarre Room.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Regular Hi-Potion Red Rose Hedge Maze (2) In alcove right of second switch.
Synthesis Diamond Red Rose Hedge Maze (1) Hidden in alcove on the far right;from the entrance.
Cure Recipe Red Rose Hedge Maze (1) In alcove northwest of second switch
Cura Recipe Red Rose Hedge Maze (1) In alcove next to entrance to Red Rose Hedge Maze (2)
Diamond Red Rose Hedge Maze (2) In alcove left of entrance
Aero Recipe Red Rose Hedge Maze (2) Northeast of entrance; in back corner
Cura Recipe Red Rose Hedge Maze (2) In alcove left of first switch
Panels Air Slide 5 Hedge Maze Entrance Next to entrance of Red Rose Hedge Maze (1)
Badges Unity Badge Red Rose Hedge Maze (2) In alcove right of third switch

Video walkthrough

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