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Mission 63 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas and Xion to Wonderland to destroy Shadow Globs.

Mission goal

Regular mission

Destroy the Shadow Globs.

Story summary

Roxas and Xion are sent to Wonderland to defeat more Shadow Globs.

Mission walkthrough

Clear the Rabbit Hole area of all Shadow Globs, then head to the Bizzare Room and drink from the bottle on the table to shrink. Destroy all the Shadow Globs in this room and continue repeating this procedure throughout Wonderland. There should not be any Shadow Globs out of reach thanks to the Glide ability. Enter from the southeast door on the upper level of the Lotus Forest so that Roxas and Xion enter the Tea Party Garden atop the hedges. Glide over to the Shadow Glob on the hedge on the southeast corner, then destroy the rest of the foes. When the last Shadow Glob has been destroyed, a Lurk Lizard will appear. Defeat the Lurk Lizard, (defeating it is optional) then RTC.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 63
Finish in record time
No recovery magic
HP drains while on the ground
Enemy level +1
3 2:30:00 or less
2 2:30:01-3:00:00
1 3:00:01-3:30:00




Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Aero Recipe Bizarre Room Far left of room on ledge
Diamond Bizarre Room On central table
Aero Recipe Hedge Maze Entrance Left of entrance.
Diamond Hedge Maze Entrance Upper right of area.
Cure Recipe Lotus Forest Left of entrance
Gust Crystal Tea Party Garden On hedge above entrance
Badges Unity Badge Queen's Castle On left hedge
Ordeal Badge Lotus Forest On lily pad near central tree


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