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Mission 62 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas to Halloween Town to seek out and exterminate a Heartless, the Carrier Ghost.

Mission goal

Regular mission

Eliminate the Carrier Ghost.

Story summary

Roxas is sent to Halloween Town once again, this time to eliminate a Carrier Ghost. First, however, he is briefly harassed by the mischievous trio, Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

Mission walkthrough

Navigate through Halloween Town as usual, jumping on the coffin in the Graveyard to continue. Roxas becomes sealed in the Boneyard 1 area, meaning he must defeat twenty Hover Ghosts before he can continue. Use Jack's newly perfected Blizzard pumpkin bombs to help.

At Moonlight Hill, knock pumpkin bombs toward the four lanterns in the area. Once all four lanterns are lit, the east door opens. Proceed to Boneyard 2. Open the chests and examine the black balloon at the back to reveal the Carrier Ghost.

Return to the Halloween Town Entrance. Just as Roxas is about to RTC, a Tentaclaw appears. Destroy this creature by smashing its red center. Spells are extremely effective, but only when fired from a distance and after the Tentaclaw has settled into a more stationary position. RTC when finished.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 62
Finish in record time
Enemy level +2, HP drains while on the ground
3 3:00:00 or less
2 3:00:01-3:30:00
1 3:30:01-4:00:00

This mission can be a nuisance since you have to go through the Hover Ghost swarm on the way to the Carrier Ghost. There is a simple remedy for that: Expand the crack in the wall on the last mission to Halloween Town, the one where you fight Lock, Shock, and Barrel on Moonlight Hill. This wil allow you to skip the swarm, effectively cutting down your time. Proceed as normal, fighting the Carrier Ghost with powerful attacks/magic.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Blizzard Recipe Town Center Near the fountain in the alcove.
Blizzara Recipe Town Center In the alcove to the right side of the false door.
Blazing Gem Graveyard Bottom-right corner, near the exit to the Town Center.
Blizzara Recipe Boneyard 1 Top-right corner, diagonally across from the Graveyard entrance.
Silver Moonlight Hill Near the curled hill and a lantern.
Silver Moonlight Hill Bottom-left corner near a lantern and a small wall.
Gust Gem Boneyard 2 Along the right wall.
Thunder Recipe Boneyard 2 Along the left wall.
Badges Unity Badge Town Center Near the guillotine.
Ordeal Badge Entrance Southeast of the Corridor of Darkness.
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