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Mission 55 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas and Luxord to Wonderland to collect Organization Emblems.

Mission goal

Regular mission

Collect Organization Emblems.

Story summary

Roxas is sent on another mission with Luxord to Wonderland; this time they must collect Organization Emblems.

Mission walkthrough

Enter the Bizarre Room and drink from the bottle to shrink in size. The Organization emblems appear afterward, with their rings visible. Quickly Glide around the room, grabbing emblems before their rings vanish. Ignore enemies that appear unless you fail to reach an emblem in time. Defeat the enemy to make the emblem rings reappear, then pursue the remaining emblems. Grab the emblems in the Hedge Maze Entrance and the Queen's Castle areas in a similar manner, then enter the Lotus Forest. Grab as many emblems as possible while their rings are still visible, then defeat a Heartless to make the rings reappear. After getting all the emblems on the ground floor, defeat a Heartless and use the mushrooms in the southwest corner to reach the upper level. Glide across around the upper level and collect all the emblems in one run through for greater efficiency.

Enter the Tea Party Garden from the northeast door in the Lotus Forest. Glide around the room to gather the emblems, then drop to the central table and collect the last ones. If you gathered the emblems only when their rings were showing, your Mission Gauge should be 100% full. If not, replay the mission later.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 55
Finish in record time!
Take 20% more damage
Enemy level +1
3 2:25:00 or less
2 2:25:01-3:00:00
1 3:00:01-3:40:00




Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Fire Recipe Bizarre Room Next to chimney
Cura Recipe Bizarre Room On central table
Cure Recipe Lotus Forest Right of the entrance, on top of tree branch
Gear Component B Rabbit Hole Left of starting point
Panels Aerial Recovery LV+(L) Tea Party Garden Right of entrance, on top of hedge
Badges Unity Badge Queen's Castle On top of right hedge (from entrance)
Ordeal Badge Tea Party Garden Above entrance, on hedge

Video walkthrough

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