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Mission 54 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is an optional mission from Axel that requires Roxas to eliminate a Dual Blade that has appeared in Halloween Town.

Mission goal

Regular mission

Eliminate the Dual Blade.

Story summary

Roxas tackles the Dual Blade in Halloween Town.

Mission walkthrough

Before accepting the mission, equip a lot of Thunder magic to deal with the boss in a more effective manner. If you want to speed the process up, come back later with Thundara and Thundaga magic. Move to the right of the starting point and jump to grab the Unity Badge. Then follow the path straight defeating Heartless and unlocking a chest to obtain a Gust Shard. Once you reach the town square, the Dual Blade will instantly charge at you. Either defeat the Dual Blade, then search the area for treasures or vice-versa. Glide over top of the well to obtain the Ordeal Badge, then continue straight to reach the Ordeal Blazon. To the right of the Ordeal Blazon (hidden behind the wall) you will find a chest containing an Aerial Recovery LV+ Ⓛ. After you have cleared the area, its time to RTC.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 54
Finish in record time!
No attack magic
Enemy level +5
3 1:00:00 or less
2 1:00:01-1:15:00
1 1:15:01-1:30:00

Being timely with your blocks against the Dual Blade's focused blade attack creates additional opportunities to strike. Generate as many extra openings as possible, because you can't wait to attack between attacks!

Challenge Mission 54SP
Avoid taking damage!
Level capped at 10
Deal 30% less damage
3 1 or less
2 2 to 5 hits
1 6 to 10 hits

More a test of patience than anything else, this challenge determines if you're willing to wait to attack between its attacks, only to inflict minimal damage. Hit the Dual Blade with Thunder and Thundara spells to provide extra chances to attack. Otherwise, jump and Dodge Roll out of the path of its thrust and attack conservatively, with only two or three hits per combo.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Gust Shard Halloween Town Entrance Far end of the path on the left wall
Panels Aerial Recovery LV+(L) Halloween Town Square Hidden behind wall next to the Graveyard entrance
Badges Unity Badge Halloween Town Entrance Right of the starting point
Ordeal Badge Halloween Town Square Over top of well
Ordeal Blazon Halloween Town Square In front of steps near Graveyard entrance


Video walkthrough here.

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