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Mission 52 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas back to Halloween Town to collect more hearts to become closer to achieving the Organization's goal of completing Kingdom Hearts.

Mission goal

Regular mission

Collect hearts.

Optional mission

Collect hearts to completely fill up the Mission Gauge.

Story summary

Roxas is sent to Halloween Town to collect more hearts to complete Kingdom Hearts. Jack is setting up decorations for Halloween in Graveyard along with Zero, and he leaves Zero in the Graveyard. Roxas utilizes the ghost dog to complete his mission. At the Moonlit Hill, Lock, Shock, and Barrel attempt to get in Roxas' way, with Roxas dispatching them easily, sending them running.

Mission walkthrough

This mission is similar to Mission 45, Heartless still hide in balloons and Zero can show where Heartless "hot-spots" are. You start at the Halloween Town Entrance, follow the path forward defeating Heartless and open the chest on the left to obtain the Thunder Recipe. At the Halloween Town Square, open the chest on your immediate left to get a Frost Gem, then jump up to receive the Unity Badge. Continue your way around the square and open the chest in the far back to receive a Gust Shard. Don't forget to examine the balloons to battle Heartless. After clearing the square of Heartless, head to the Graveyard.

Examine the balloons and defeat the Heartless they summon; don't attack them with the pumpkin bombs! Use the pumpkin bombs or fire spells to light all the lanterns, simply knock the bombs near the lantern, when they explode the eruption will light the lantern. Also, don't forget to open the two chests on the right wall to obtain a Blazing Gem and the Blizzard Recipe. Repeat this pattern in Boneyard 1, don't forget to examine the small wall to the right to fight two Snowy Crystals. Open the chest on the back wall to receive a Gust Gem then head through the door to Moonlight Hill.

Once at Moonlight Hill, you will have to defeat Lock, Shock, and Barrel. Once the meddling trio is defeated, open all chests and clear the area of Heartless by examining balloons and Zero's hot-spots. After clearing the area the mission gauge should be filled to RTC. However, if you wish to obtain the Fira panel, continue clearing Halloween Town of Heartless with Zero's help.

TIP: Remember when Lock tossed a pumpkin bomb at the wall to give them an escape route? Toss another bomb right at that spot and the hole will get bigger, allowing you to use it as a shortcut for future missions.



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Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Thunder Recipe Halloween Town Entrance North of starting point
Frost Gem Halloween Town Square Immediate right of entrance
Gust Shard Halloween Town Square Far north, directly across from entrance
Blazing Gem Graveyard Middle part of right wall (from entrance)
Blizzard Recipe Graveyard Upper part of right wall (from entrance)
Gust Gem Boneyard 1 Straight across from entrance
Blazing Gem Moonlight Hill Directly across from entrance
Thunder Recipe Moonlight Hill Left of entrance, surrounded by statues
Badges Unity Badge Halloween Town Square Next to gate (across from chest containing Frost Gem)

Video walkthrough

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