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Mission 51 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas and Luxord to Wonderland to find and eliminate the Pink Concertos.

Mission goal

Eliminate the Pink Concertos.

Mission walkthrough

From the starting point, head to the Bizarre Room. Drink from the bottle on the table to shrink down. Fight the Heartless in the room if you want, then enter the purple doorway in the northwest corner. Continue north through the Hedge Maze Entrance to the Queen's Castle, then head into the Lotus Forest.

The Pink Concertos are hidden inside closed lotus flowers throughout the area. Examine the flowers to force the Pink Concertos out. Remember, Pink Concertos are resilient to physical attacks, but are weak against Fire spells. Avoid the black cloud the Pink Concertos release, as it causes blindness as well as cause continuous damage. If you get caught in the cloud, use a combo finisher to disperse it. Eliminate the four Pink Concertos in the forest, then return to the Queen's Castle. Jump up and repeatedly attack the raised cage on the right side of the Queen's throne to lower it to the ground. Hidden inside is the final Pink Concerto! Defeat the last Pink Concerto then RTC.

You need to have High Jump LVL 3 or Glide to reach the chest atop the hedge in the southeast corner of the Tea Party Garden. Jump and Glide from the raised north platforms in the Lotus Forest. Another option would be to use two perfectly timed Air Dashes combined with the Nimble Gear. Fly south to the southeast door. You then emerge from this door on the hedges above the entrance in the Tea Party Garden. Without falling to the ground, jump and Glide over to the chest in the southeast corner.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Shining Gem Rabbit Hole Behind the starting point
Shining Gem Bizarre Room Left of the entrance
Aero Recipe Bizarre Room In between the orange chairs and rabbit clock.
Cura Recipe Lotus Forest On top of the lily pads above the enclosed blue flower.
Dark Ingot Lotus Forest On top of lily pad near entrance to Tea Party Garden
Shining Gem Tea Party Garden On top of hedge near the entrance.
Regular Ether Queen's Castle On the west hedge
Hi-Potion Hedge Maze Entrance Left of the entrance
Badges Unity Badge Bizarre Room On top of central table


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