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Mission 48 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas and Xaldin to Agrabah to eliminate the Solid Armor.

Mission goal

Eliminate the Solid Armor.

Mission walkthrough

You start at the Agrabah Gate. Collect the nearby chests and Ordeal Blazon in the area, then enter the passage to the Cave of Wonders. There are four chests here, but the northwest and southeast chests contain Cymbal Monkeys, so take care.

In the Cave Entrance Hall, you will find the Solid Armor waiting for you. To keep the battle as simple as possible, try to keep your fight in one area, as a number of Large Armors will appear if you step into one of various trigger zones around the area, and they will gang up with the Solid Armor against you and your teammate. Also, take care when fighting near the debris on the floor, which may interfere with your movements and attacks. Defeat the Solid Armor and RTC.

During your first attempt at this mission, you'll be unable to reach the treasures on the high ledges in the area. Return to this mission after attaining the High Jump LVL3 and Glide abilities. With these equipped, jump onto the tip of the overturned pink and gold column below the north rise. High Jump and grab a hold of the ledge, then climb up. After grabbing the Elixir and Unity Badge, jump and Glide over to the platform beside the exit to obtain the Sight Unit.

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Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 48
Finish in record time!
Level capped at 20, enemy level +2
3 2:20:00 or less
2 2:20:01-3:20:00
1 3:20:01-4:20:00

Proceed directly to the Cave and fight the Solid Armor, ignoring all other foes to the best of your abilities. Strike it until it falls, then target its head with Blizzard spells to empty its life bars.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 48SP
Don't miss with attacks!
No attack magic, enemy level +12
3 10 or less
2 11 to 15 misses
1 16 to 20 misses

Unfortunately, a deflected attack counts as a miss in this challenge. Trying to strike the Solid Armor from the front means your attacks are more likely to bounce off its chest. Therefore, always attack its head from behind while it is standing, even though this means you must run around to attack its head when the Heartless falls over.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Aero Recipe Agrabah Gate On the east wall on top of the first building
Blizzard Recipe Agrabah Gate Southwest corner, on the roof of the building
Fire Recipe The Cave of Wonders Left of the entrance
Blizzard Recipe The Cave of Wonders Southwest corner
Blizzard Recipe Cave/Entrance Hall Between two columns on the west wall
Regular Hi-Potion Cave/Entrance Hall At the bottom of the north ledge
Elixir Cave/Entrance Hall On the north ledge (High Jump required)
Special Sight Unit Ⓛ Cave/Entrance Hall On the southeastern ledge (High Jump, Glide required)
Badges Unity Badge Cave/Entrance Hall On the north ledge (High Jump required)
Ordeal Badge Cave/Entrance Hall To the immediate east of the entrance
Ordeal Blazon Agrabah Gate Northeast corner, on the roof


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