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Mission 41 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sends Roxas and Xigbar to take out a tricky Heartless at Olympus Coliseum.

Mission Objective

Regular Mission

Defeat the Morning Star.

Story Summary

Xigbar and Roxas go to tackle another giant Heartless and end up with two in the bargain.


As soon as you arrive, it's time to jump into the fray. Once outside, you'll be greeted by three Li'l Cannons. Eliminate them and grab the chest and proceed through the Coliseum Vestibule straight into The Coliseum where you'll be welcomed by your target: the Morning Star. It has a couple of Li'l Cannons of its own to assist it, whose targeting skills will make this battle tricky. You should focus on defeating the Morning Star since the Li'l Cannons respawn.

After defeating it, the Cannons will continue to respawn for a while, depending on how many you managed to dispose of during the battle. Once they're gone, take a look around. You will find most of the treasures and badges of this Mission in this area. The Ordeal Blazon set might be tough to reach without Air Slide, Glide, or High Jump, but they're not impossible to snag the first time around if you come prepared.

When you return to the outside, you will find that a Zip Slasher has appeared while you were fighting inside the Coliseum. Taking it out isn't too bad; it just has a lot of health. Xigbar will help wear the Zip Slasher's HP down. You can easily let Xigbar do the hard work, and then jump in at the last minute to give the final blow. It will take time, but you're out of risk. With the Zip Slasher gone, and the mission complete; it's time to RTC.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 41
Finish in record time
No attack magic, Enemy level +2
3 1:40:00 or less
2 1:40:01-2:00:00
1 2:00:01-2:20:00

Use Block LV2 or higher to stop the Morning Star, then unleash a Limit Break as often as possible.

Challenge Mission 41SP
Don't miss with attcks!
No attack magic, Enemy level +19
3 1 or less
2 2 to 5 misses
1 6 to 10 misses

Avoid attacking any enemy other than the Morning Star. Don't risk trying to attack when it retracts its arms inside its shell; simply break away until it jumps and lands again. With extreme diligence, you can avoid missing a big target like the Morning Star.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Gear Component A Coliseum Southwestern corner.
Thunder Recipe Outside Southwestern corner.
Thunder Recipe Coliseum Northwestern corner
Badges Unity Badge Coliseum West wall, towards the ground.
Ordeal Badge Coliseum South side, high on the edge of the battlefield. Use Air Slide or Glide.
Ordeal Blazon Coliseum North side, high on the edge of the battlefield. Use Air Slide or Glide.
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