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Mission 40 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is an optional mission that has Roxas once again eliminating a group of pesky, swarming Heartless.

Mission goal

Regular mission

Eliminate the Deserters.

Story summary

Roxas once again goes after Deserters on behalf of the Organization.

Mission walkthrough

You will start out outside as usual. The chests in the outside corners are real treasure chests, but the one against the west wall is a Cymbal Monkey in disguise, so be aware. Whatever your choice, head into the Coliseum Vestibule, grab the Unity Badge by the opposite door, and then into The Coliseum. You don't even have to talk to Phil this time around to go in.

This time with the Deserters is a little different than in previous missions; they have invited their cousins, the Soldiers, along to play. Soldiers will keep re-spawning throughout the round, and won't stop until the Deserters stop spawning. So unless you are in the market for a massive heart chain, don't worry about the Soldiers and focus on the Deserters. You can choose to hit barrels into your enemies as well, but it's usually just more efficient to whack them with a decent Keyblade.

Once the mission is complete, be sure to grab the well-hidden Ordeal Badge towards the southwestern corner before leaving the Coliseum to RTC; this mission really doesn't take long at all.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 40
Finish in record time!
Take 20% more damage, Enemy level +2
3 2:25:00 or less
2 2:25:01-2:40:00
1 2:40:01-3:10:00

Enter the Coliseum and launch Fire spells at the Deserters and use lock-on to avoid wasting spells on the Soldiers. When the Deserters gather, continue swinging away using a ground combo to eliminate them quickly.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Aero Recipe Outside Northeastern corner.
Aero Recipe Outside Northwestern corner.
Cure Recipe Outside Southwestern corner.
Badges Unity Badge Vestibule Northwestern corner.
Ordeal Badge Coliseum Southwest corner of fighting floor. Air Slide or Glide required.


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