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Mission 33 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a mission in The Castle That Never Was in which Roxas has to break jars in the Hall of Empty Melodies.

Mission goal

Regular mission

Break all of the jars.

Story summary

This is an optional training mission that takes place in the Hall of Empty Melodies.

Mission walkthrough

There are sixteen jars throughout the room: four in the center in a diamond formation; four along either side of the main area; and four in the path that leads to Naught's Skyway. Clearing the mission only requires that you break all of the jars. While some jars release Samurai, defeating them is not needed, although it may be helpful, as they will interfere with you as you continue breaking jars.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 33
Finish in record time!
Enemy level +2
3 01:05:00 or less
2 01:05:01-01:25:00
1 01:25:01-01:45:00

To keep your time down on this mission, it will help to have a Keyblade with strong hits or short alternate combos, such as Sign of Innocence or Midnight Roar. Avoid Keyblades with long combos, like True Light's Flight. In addition, unless your stats are very high, avoid fighting the Samurai as much as possible, as their high health makes fighting them highly time consuming.




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