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Mission 32 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days orders Roxas to eliminate a Heartless boss in Agrabah.

Mission goal

Regular mission

Vanquish the Heartless threat.

Story summary

Roxas is sent to eliminate an unidentified giant Heartless that has surfaced in the desert, and seems to be the source of Agrabah's mysterious sandstorms.

Mission walkthrough

The dark corridor puts you into the Palace area. After a quick scene, you gain control of Roxas. There are lots of Scarlet Tangos and Loudmouths around, so be prepared to fight. There also a few chests and an Ordeal Badge to snag as well. When you're done fighting here, proceed to Agrabah Street. There are more Heartless here, as well as a few more chests. To get the the chest and Ordeal Blazon on the top of the highest roof, you will need Lift gear and Air Slide. Proceed to Agrabah Gates and repeat: destroy the Loudmouths and grab the chests. Also, keep an eye out for the Bulky Vendor in the western ally, near the closed-off entrance to the Cave of Wonders. When you are ready, head out the main gate exit for the Sandswept Ruins.

The new Sandswept Ruins is a very large area. You're going to have to watch carefully for chests and the Unity Badge, as they can be very easy to miss in the vastness. Also, the giant Antlion trying to destroy you does not help either. The battle is a little time consuming, but it will eventually go down. Afterward, return to Agrabah. There will be one more scene at the Palace, and then you can RTC.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 32
Attack as little as possible!
No recovery items
Enemy level +14
3 10 or less
2 11-20 attacks
1 21-35 attacks

Avoid all other enemies and head straight for the Antlion battle. Use spells to damage it until the first part of the battle, when it begins hovering in the air and spewing blocks. Use your 10 attacks to knock blocks back at it. After knocking it from the sky, use your Limit Break to attack its stunned head.

Challenge Mission 32SP
Finish in Record Time!
HP Drains while on the ground
Enemy level +55
3 Under 1:20:00
2 1:20:01-1:39:00
1 1:39:01-3:00:00

Roxas takes damage every half-second he stands on the ground, so equip the Glide panel and fly as often as possible. Glide directly to the Antlion battle. For the first half of the battle, use Glide to catch up to the Antlion and attack, healing with Cura and Hi-Potions as necessary. For the second part of the battle, cast Cura repeatedly to combat the effects of your draining HP, since you must stand in order to knock the blocks back at the Heartless.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Regular Hi-Potion Agrabah Gate On top of the building closest to the Desert.
Hi-Potion Sandswept Ruins Very back of the desert, near the farthest building.
Potion The Palace East of the starting point.
Potion Agrabah Gate The far left of the area, on top of the house.
Potion Sandswept Ruins Found next to the first building near the entrance of the Desert.
Synthesis Blizzard Recipe Agrabah Street On the scaffolding next to the entrance of the area.
Iron Sandswept Ruins Found to the far right of the desert behind a building.
Special Sight Unit Ⓛ Agrabah Streets On top of the tallest building towards the southwest. High Jump required.
Badges Unity Badge Sandswept Ruins Northeastern corner
Ordeal Badge Palace Southwestern roof.
Ordeal Blazon Agrabah Street Southwestern corner, on the high roof. High Jump required.


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