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Mission 17 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is an optional mission where Roxas must eliminate a new Heartless on his own.

Mission assignment


A Tailbunker has surfaced in Twilight Town. Find it and eliminate it at once.



  • Defeat the Tailbunker.

Story summary

Roxas embarks on another solo mission, this time in Twilight Town to defeat a mysterious flying creature.

Mission walkthrough

Head from the Station Plaza down through Station Heights to the Tram Common. Be wary, because the Poison Plants from Mission 12 are back, this time as regular Heartless. Make sure you take a short detour to the Sandlot entrance, as a Bulky Vendor lies in wait, ready to drop treasure for you.

Once you enter the Tram Common, the boss battle with the Tailbunker immediately starts. Be wary as you move around the common, as certain areas trigger Minute Bombs to deal further damage to you. Once finished, you can explore the area for chests and badges before you RTC.

Challenge Mission

Challenge Mission 17
Finish in record time!
No recovery items
Enemy level +4
3 1:40:00 or less
2 1:40:01-2:05:00
1 2:05:01-2:30:00

If you are taking this mission on at a low level, it may help to allow the enemies along the way to the Tram Common to damage Roxas until he can use his Limit Break against the Tailbunker.

Challenge Mission 17SP
Don't miss with attacks!
No attack magic
Take 30% more damage
Enemy level +18
3 0 misses
2 1-3 misses
1 4-10 misses

Without attack magic, you will be restricted to close combat. Take your time, and avoid using extended combos, as the Tailbunker will periodically fly off. You will be more vulnerable to damage, so avoid combat with other enemies and take care to avoid the Tailbunker's attacks. Bring along plenty of recovery items. Alternatively, you can use an exploit and have the boss damage you until you can use your limit. Limit doesn't count as an "attack" so it doesn't count against you.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Regular Panacea Tram Common In the southwest corner of the common.
Synthesis Blazing Shard Tram Common Next to the stairs in the northwest corner
Badges Unity Badge Station Plaza Steps to the northern areas of the common.


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