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Mission 06 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a tutorial mission in which Lexaeus teaches Roxas how to use his Limit Break.

Mission assignment


Learn about Limit Breaks.

A Mega-Shadow has surfaced in Twilight Town. Team up with Lexaeus and eliminate it at once.


Story summary

Lexaeus takes Roxas on his sixth mission, in which he teaches Roxas how to execute his Limit Break.

Mission walkthrough

This mission takes place solely in the Sandlot of Twilight Town. After a brief conversation between Lexaeus and Roxas, Lexaeus smacks Roxas with his hand, which pushes his HP to the yellow section. A Mega-Shadow then appears. The point of this mission is to defeat the Mega-Shadow using the Limit Break. To use, simply hold the A button down for a few seconds, and then start attacking rapidly. Roxas will attack with wild light-slashes, dealing massive damage and most likely eliminating the Mega-Shadow. If the Mega-Shadow lives through Roxas's Limit Break, simply cast Fire to finish the battle.

After this mission is finished, Holo-Missions will become available in the menu the next time the player speaks to Saïx.




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