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Mission 05 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a tutorial mission teaching Roxas how to conduct recon.

Mission assignment


Learn about reconnaissance.

Team up with Vexen and gather intel in Twilight Town.


Story summary

Vexen takes Roxas on his fifth mission, explaining how to conduct recon and how breakthroughs occur.

Mission walkthrough

Mission Clear: Achieve two breakthroughs.
Mission Complete: Achieve one additional breakthrough.

After appearing in the Tram Common area of Twilight Town, Vexen will speak lowly to you about your duties, as is his nature. Your objective is to conduct recon in Twilight Town, which is examining various parts of the town to gather information about the world. When near a recon point, a "?" will appear above Roxas's head, and the Attack command will become Examine. Heartless occasionally appear around recon points, which means they must be defeated first. When enough clues are found, Roxas will have a "breakthrough", in which he puts together the information he has found and makes assumptions based on his findings.

Start off around the southwest portion of the Tram Common, as there are recon points at each of the three shops, as well as on the dark-brick road. Once you examine the road and the two shops nearest the sloping road, Vexen talks to Roxas about his findings, to see what he has found. Answer Vexen's questions to achieve your first breakthrough.

Now, follow the dark road to a closed gate and examine the closed gate with a "4" above it. Then examine the locked door, the staircase, the barricaded hole leading to the woods, and the shuttered doorway in the northeast corner. This leads to another breakthrough that fills the Mission Gauge to the goal line. However, there are still a few more recon points around to fill the gauge completely, which rewards a Fire panel. The final two recon spots are in the two isolated areas, the tram yard in the northeast and the small area to the south.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Synthesis Blazing Shard Tram Common Upper building ledge in the center-area


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