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Mission 04 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a tutorial mission for Roxas's magical abilities.

Mission assignment


Learn about the use of magic.

Team up with Larxene, eliminate Heartless in Twilight Town, and collect hearts.


  • Defeat Heartless and collect hearts.

Story summary

Larxene takes Roxas on his fourth mission for Organization XIII, a training mission in Twilight Town's Sandlot that teaches him to use magic. We also learn of Larxene's sadistic nature and cruelty in a way that is worse than that presented in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Mission walkthrough

Before departing, you must equip Fire panels that Saïx will provide you with. This will likely be your first experience with the arrangement of panels, so it is also a good idea to equip all unused Potions. You should have three Fire panels equipped, plus any other that you may have obtained from previous missions.

Your mission takes place entirely in Twilight Town's Sandlot. Larxene will teach you how to use magic, instructing Roxas to destroy the Dire Plant that appears with Fire, but not with his Keyblade. One cast should wipe it out. A team of Yellow Operas and Dire Plants then appear. Larxene says that Roxas may use his Keyblade to eliminate these Heartless. Use your remaining two Fire spells to eliminate the Dire Plants. Be sure not to hit a Yellow Opera instead, or you will have wasted a strong spell and will put yourself at risk with close combat with a Dire Plant. Also, during this battle, there are three Ethers on the Sandlot's edges. Be sure to pick these up, even if you don't use them. These items will restore a Fire spell if needed.

If you want to defeat the first Dire Plant without using magic, come back to this mission with Dodging Deflect and when the Dire Plant launches its seed, Dodge Roll towards the seed and deflect it back at the Dire Plant.




Type Items found Locations Notes
Regular Ether Sandlot By the left bench.
Ether Sandlot By the east bench.
Ether Sandlot By the right entrance.


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