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Mission 02 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a tutorial mission which teaches Roxas the basics of fighting Heartless.

Mission assignment


Learn the basics of combat.

Team up with Marluxia, eliminate Heartless in Twilight Town, and collect hearts.


  • Defeat the Heartless and collect hearts.

Story summary

Marluxia takes Roxas on his second day of training, explaining the concepts of the Keyblade and the Heartless, and how the two are related by Kingdom Hearts. After witnessing the Keyblade's power for himself, Marluxia continues plotting to take over the Organization using the Keyblade.

Mission walkthrough

After a short conversation, three Shadows will appear. The tutorial for attacking pops up, after which you should have no problems using your Keyblade to take out the Heartless. After they are defeated, the prize tutorial will appear. Collect your rewards and head back to Marluxia for another conversation, where he will explain about Pureblood Heartless. Three Yellow Operas will then appear, triggering the lock-on tutorial. Defeat the Operas and return for another chat with Marluxia, who talks about Emblem Heartless and starts the Heart Points tutorial. Then even more Operas appear, triggering the chaining tutorial, and once you defeat them, you can end the mission.






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