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Mission 01 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is a tutorial mission for Roxas's basic moveset.

Mission assignment


Learn mission basics.

Team Up with Axel, search the underground passage in Twilight Town for the treasure chest, and collect its contents.


  • Claim the content of the treasure chest in the underground passage.

Story summary

Axel takes Roxas on his very first mission for Organization XIII, a training set in Twilight Town's Underground Concourse.

Mission walkthrough

This is the easiest mission you can possibly accomplish; the game pretty much guides you through this one. Follow the tutorial instructions for jumping and camera movement. Leave the room through the door in front of you and head north. Take the first right into the room next door and leave through the opening on the opposite wall. Head north through the new hall; you know you are headed the right way as Axel will offer the tutorial on barricades. Follow the hallway left at the corner, and right at the next corner; you should see the chest at the top of the stairs. Head there to trigger the chest opening tutorial, as well as the backpack tutorial. Open the chest and claim your Potion to complete the mission.

Axel will then tell you about the Return To the Castle (RTC), opening the RTC tutorial. Head back the way you came. If you so desire, you can open the gate in the northern room on the way back, making a little shortcut back to the dark corridor. Choose to return to the castle, and you are done... you didn't even have to defeat a Heartless!




Type Items found Locations Notes
Regular Potion Underground Concourse At the northernmost entrance.


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