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Mindel is a Shield that can be wielded by Vexen in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Mindel+.


Mindel is a circular shield with three spikes on its top and sides. The side spikes and the edges of the shield are pale gold, while the top spike is navy blue. The center of the shield is sky blue and has a navy blue ring around it. There are also three navy spikes pointing inward on the face of the shield. A long, pale gold, curved piece is present under the bottom of the shield, connected to the main shield by three large, blue spikes. It is a palette swap of the Würm.

Mindel is one of three of Vexen's weapons that draws its name from a glacial period, the other two being Gunz and Würm.


The Mindel's ground combo is significantly longer and faster than many of his other equipment's combos, consisting of a quick five move combo. It begins with a sharp jab forward, followed immediately by a sharp thrust to the left. It is then followed by another sharp jab forward, and likewise another sharp thrust to the left. It is finished with Vexen hurling the shield from him, it coming to rest a good distance away for a brief moment before returning to him.

His aerial combo is not as versatile. It consists of a simple downward thrust, a sharp jab to the left, and a 360 degree spinning of the shield.

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