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Mickey's Prison Escape is a minigame included in Kingdom Hearts III.


Kingdom Hearts III

Go to The Caribbean, enter Port Royal/Fort. From the Save Point, head downstairs into the Fort and down the tunnels taking two rights then two lefts. Once you find the prison cells, go into the second cell and you will find a large Treasure Chest containing Mickey's Prison Escape.


"Break Mickey out of prison!"


Pull the Switch and Open the Cell
Without letting the guards see you, move over to the switch and press X to open the cell door. Then move over to the cell to rescue Mickey!

The guards will spot you if their flashlights hit you. However, you can law low and stay out of the beams by holding X .

If you do get seen by the regular guards, you can make a run for it. But if Pete spots you, there's no escape.


Mickey's Prison Escape is based on Walt Disney’s 1930 animated short "The Chain Gang".

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