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Mickey's Mechanical Man is a minigame included in Kingdom Hearts III.


Kingdom Hearts III

Go to San Fransokyo, enter The City/South District: Day or Night. From the Save Point, head North into the Central District. Right before the second intersection, on the right side there is a skyscraper. Climb the skyscraper and on the red helipad you will find a large Treasure Chest containing Mickey's Mechanical Man.


"Pit Mickey's Mechanical Man against the gorilla!"


Landing Punches
As you press X and land punches on the gorilla, your gauge will fill up to 100, at which point you can throw a knockout punch.

The gorilla's punches fill his gauge to 100, too.
To put up your guard and minimize the damage, all you have to do is stop attacking.

Countering K.O. Punches
If the gorilla's gauge reaches 100, press X right before he attacks to stop his knockout punch!


Mickey's Mechanical Man is based on Walt Disney’s 1933 animated short "Mickey's Mechanical Man".

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