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Mickey's Kitten Catch is a minigame included in Kingdom Hearts III.


Kingdom Hearts III

Go to Arendelle, enter The North Mountain/Foothills. From the Save Point, head up the path and when you come to the clearing, stick to the very left of the map. You will come to two boulders, a large boulder on the right and a small to the left with small snow covered trees in between. Head through the small trees and you will find a large Treasure Chest containing Mickey's Kitten Catch.


"Stop the kittens from wrecking the furniture."


Rounding Up the Kittens
Wait in front of the furniture to automatically catch the kittens coming from each direction. You can only carry four kittens at once, so be sure to press Right and hand the kittens off to Mickey.

Defending Against the Cannon
Some kittens will fire cannons at the furniture! Press X to swat the projectiles away.


Mickey's Kitten Catch is based on Walt Disney’s 1935 animated short "Three Orphan Kittens".

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