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Fission Firaga

Mega Flare

Firaga Burst

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"So, play any instruments? No?... Never mind."
"Man, why's Larxene gotta be such a witch all the time?"
"You ever get the urge to just do something stupid... and AWESOME? Wait, wait... I'm getting an idea... Nope, it's gone."
"This place is, like, a hundred times better minus all the bossy coworkers, am I right?"
"Don't look at me, man! I just found out minutes ago."
"Hey, Roxas, man, did you hear? No survivors! Everybody at Castle Oblivion got KO'd! Heavy stuff."
"Blegh! Roger that. Remind me to under achieve twice as hard from now on."
"I could reeeally use a break."
"Hey, man, you missed your amigos. Team Axel already left."
"How come I don't get a nickname...?"
"Xion? She's probably working. Like ALWAYS. I mean, good for her and all, but it makes me look even lazier..."
"Yaaawn... So, when's our next day off?"
"We're out on heart collection today, right? Sigh... I'm so not cut out for combat. Would it kill them to give me a recon mission or... I don't know, something un-violent?"
"Wait, training!? That sounds like work, which means sweating. Which is gross."
"Yeah? Well, no biggie! I'll just find a comfy spot and kick back for a while."
"Hey, even us Nobodies need our rest, right? Exhaustion kills!"
" I was, uh... cheering you on! Couldn't you hear me? Gimme an "R"! Gimme an-"
"Replica whatza?"
"I never would've guessed about Xion... That's some puppet!"
"Run, run away!"
"Huh? Ah! You!"
"Let's see, here... "If the subject fails to respond, use aggression to liberate his true disposition"... Right. Did they ever pick the wrong guy for this one..."
"Now that's just plain rude!"
"Roxas, come back to us!"
"Hey, you guys are looking lively."
"You shouldn't judge anyone by appearance."
"I told them they were sending the wrong guy..."
"Silence, traitor."
"No way!"
"What'd I do?!"
"Pipe down and listen!"
"Dance, water! Dance!"
"Not bad, Roxas!"
"Come on, stick to the beat!"
"Got you now!"
"Like it?"
"Ain't it a blast?"
"Aw... booed again."

Demyx KHD
Organization XIII
Original name Unknown
Katakana デミックス
Rōmaji Demikkusu
Homeworld {{{world}}}
Other Residences {{{world2}}}
Number IX
Title The Melodious Nocturne
Weapon Sitar (Arpeggio)
Attribute Water ( Mizu?)
Limit Break (Days) Wave Gigs
First appearance Kingdom Hearts II
English voice actor(s) Ryan O'Donohue
Japanese voice actor(s) Kenichi Suzumura
"Oh, we do too have hearts! Don't be mad..."

Demyx, the Melodious Nocturne (夜想のしらべ Yasō no Shirabe?, lit. Nocturnal Poem), is Rank IX within Organization XIII. He controls water, and uses his weapon, the Sitar, as a musical instrument to make water fight for him in battle. He commands the Dancer Nobodies.

Demyx plays a minor role in Kingdom Hearts II, where he is tasked with tracking down Sora to liberate Roxas's "true disposition". Although he dislikes fighting, he is directed to use "aggression" against Sora and his companions to bring out Roxas. Demyx is a playable character in Mission Mode in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Journal entriesEdit

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

First entry

Organization XIII's Number IX.

Organization members all wear black coats, and it's said their numbers were assigned in the order they joined. In addition, their names share something as a mark of their brotherhood.

Second entry

Organization XIII's Number IX.

He was surveying the world of Olympus, and even swiped the Olympus Stone. He's a lousy fighter.

Demyx called Sora "Roxas."

Third entry

Organization XIII's Number IX. He used a type of instrument called a "sitar" to control water...but he wasn't very good at fighting.

Demyx was under orders to "liberate Sora's true disposition" while surveying the world of Olympus.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysEdit


Prefers to kick back with his sitar, and leave the dirty work to the water under his command.

Weapon: Sitar


Kingdom Hearts novelsEdit

In his own room at an unknown time, Demyx was fixing his hair in front of the mirror, compelled by something he had done when he was human. When he was finished doing his hair, Demyx picked up the sitar and strummed it. He played and played, but he was interrupted by Xaldin, who told him to keep it down because he wanted to sleep.

Annoyed, Xaldin questioned why Demyx clung to his human memories, but received no reply. Xaldin told him that Nobodies needed to sleep because a terrible force was moving that world, and they need rest to store up power. Demyx did not reply once again as Xaldin left the room, displeased.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysEdit

Demyx plays a slightly larger role in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, present when Xion joined the Organization. Often teased behind his back by Axel and Roxas whilst they eat sea-salt ice cream at the Station Plaza after missions, they quote how he doesn't have talent, would be "upset" if he lost his sitar, along with many other things. Demyx is the first to mention the annihilation of Organization members that took place at Castle Oblivion.

Demyx accompanies Roxas on several missions including one to the Olympus Coliseum where they take down a Flare Note, and one to Halloween Town where they tackle a Dual Blade. Demyx enjoys picking on Xion with Xigbar, and is seen playing his sitar on one of the couches in the Grey Room before many of Roxas's missions. In the manga adaption, in one of the early chapters, he is also seen playing a prank on Axel, where he puts a farting pillow on Axel's seat. When Roxas approaches Demyx, he willingly admits that he "isn't cut out for combat" and would rather perform recon.

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

Demyx appears in Hollow Bastion with all of the other Organization members, but like the others (except for Xigbar), he does not contact Sora. However, you can hear Demyx's higher-pitched, nervous laugh in the background.

Demyx's role in the Organization's plans is minor. He is sent after Sora on suggestion by Xigbar to find him and "liberate his true disposition", either to keep Sora on the path Organization XIII wish him to take, or try to awaken Roxas. He also contacts Hades, but no deal was made and Demyx promptly flees, saying "Run, run away!", passing by Sora and co. and leaving them puzzled at his outburst. Later, Demyx steals the Olympus Stone, and soon encounters Sora within the Underworld once more.

Although Sora doesn't understand the meaning of Demyx's objectives, nor why Demyx calls him Roxas, Demyx is unable to fulfill them and took the next ordered step, which is to attack Sora. Demyx at first only summons "forms" of water— shaped into himself and musical notes, which then attacked Sora, Goofy, and Donald—which he controls with his sitar, similar in design to the Organization symbol. He is unsuccessful in defeating Sora with his water forms, however, and escapes instead of continuing the fight. Before he takes his leave though, he begs "Roxas" to come back to the Organization, leaving Sora even more confused.

"Silence, traitor."
—Demyx when he drops his emotional ploy

Demyx confronts Sora later in Hollow Bastion during the Battle of the 1000 Heartless, again greeting Sora in a rather friendly manner. However, Sora and his companions' response is hostile, even claiming that Demyx is unable to fight. Demyx still maintains his personality despite the insult, with only a "You shouldn't judge anyone by appearance" in a slightly deeper tone. But when Sora and co. claim that the Nobodies do not have hearts, Demyx's normal carefree air vanishes, and he silences them with a much darker tone and attacks the "traitor" again with all his strength. In the end, however, Demyx is defeated again and fatally wounded. After lamenting his loss, he fades into watery darkness, the first Organization XIII member to fall in Kingdom Hearts II and sixth member overall.


Demyx wears a black cloak similar in style to Xigbar's, with somewhat closer-fitting sleeves and pointed shoulder pads, though Demyx's shoulder pads are more noticeable than Xigbar's. His black gloves and boots are normal. He has cyan eyes and dirty-blond hair, the latter of which is quite distinctive. Demyx's hair has an odd mullet-like style, and he has several individual bangs that fall over his face. He is rather youthful in appearance when compared to most of the other members. Demyx is also somewhat similar to Zell Dincht from Final Fantasy VIII.


Demyx, unlike the other Organization members, has a very casual, cowardly, and lazy personality—though this is simply an act since Nobodies are free of all emotion and thus cannot feel fear. He runs from many encounters, including ones with Hades and Sora; and in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, he states that he finds Larxene quite frightening and also refuses to go searching for a giant Heartless alone. Along with Xigbar, Axel, and Larxene, Demyx is portrayed as one of the more comical members of the Organization, although unlike the other three who have that role due to their sarcasm and wisecracks, Demyx has this role because of his laziness.

With his laid-back personality and despite his often sitting around, Demyx seems to be on good terms with both Axel and Xigbar, calling Xigbar "Xiggy" and is often shown talking to him in the Grey Area. And though Axel and Roxas talk about him behind his back, Axel did defend him after Roxas comments that Demyx doesn't do anything, Axel stating that Demyx specializes in recon.

Demyx seems to dislike working as much as he dislikes fighting; he even goes as far as manipulating Roxas, dumping his missions on the younger Nobody and going off to have fun. He complains about how he "isn't cut out for combat" and even considers sweat "gross". Often, he wishes that Xemnas wouldn't make him fight and says that he'd prefer to stay at The Castle That Never Was or at least be given a recon mission. Demyx seems to dislike Larxene, calling her a witch.

The feeling is apparently mutual as she has referred to him as lazy and useless. When news gets back from Castle Oblivion, he seems to be glad that she has died, showing that even he can be a bit cruel and crass without a heart. He also seems to dislike Saïx, calling him "X-face" in one of his Secret Reports, saying that Saïx constantly barks at him to get to work. However, he does show some care toward Xion compared to the other members who have no care for her at all, showing that he may be a bit kinder than them, although he thought it was "intense" when he found out that Xion was a "puppet".

Demyx is much less serious and more carefree than the other Organization members, as well as selfish, and seems to take his task of pursuing Sora lightly. He doesn't hesitate to read his orders aloud off of cue cards in front of Sora nor does he hesitate to complain about his distaste for fighting. His cries in battle after being hit are also more characteristic of "yelps" than those of the other members, and are exclamations rather than reactions. In his final battle against Sora, however, his true nature as an emotionless entity is revealed, proving that his light attitude is a farce. Yet when he is defeated, he screams in agony and defeat, holding his head, and whimpers as he fades back into darkness. This may indicate that he did not fully reject his fake emotions, but, overall, he seems to have come to terms with his lack of emotions.


Demyx is portrayed as being weak, cowardly, and lazy, but proves to be no pushover in the battle with Sora. Most players have trouble defeating him due to his ability to summon water clones in a time limit to defeat all of them. Demyx, being a musician, uses music to control the water around him and to summon "water forms", objects shaped out of water into musical instruments or copies of himself, which move about the battle area to hit Sora, forcing him to defeat the forms in a certain amount of time to avoid an automatic loss. He can also summon violent geysers that erupt from the ground, forming strong streams of water which damage Sora and throw him into the air. His sitar is rarely used as a weapon, but most often used to play his music instead. However, Demyx does use one move using his Sitar as a weapon, but it does little damage to Sora. Demyx does little fighting by himself, instead relying on his control of water to make it fight for him.

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Demyx has a Limit Break called Wave Gigs. During Wave Gigs, the player must press and time the attack button in specific "beats" as Demyx jams out on his sitar, summoning up large pillars of water to rise and strike enemies. The more efficiently the button inputs are performed, the faster and more plentiful the attack will be. Enemies that are hit by the pillars take water damage. Meanwhile, Demyx's movement speed is reduced to a slow march, allowing him to slowly advance on an enemy as he attacks, but not much else. His falling is also slowed.

During Demyx's Final Limit, Demyx releases a large ball of water while jamming out on his sitar. The ball creates a watery explosion that knocks enemies back and deals water damage.


Demyx is very open about his dislike of fighting, and prefers music instead. So, he carries an enormous Sitar, named Arpeggio, a stringed Indian instrument similar to a lute or guitar, into battle. The Sitar itself is shaped like the Nobody insignia, in varying shades of blue.

With it, he can cause water to take the form of people and musical notes, making them "dance" to his music. Although not very useful in battle itself, it can cause some damage if swung at an enemy. He mostly uses its strings to control water and make it fight for him.


  • Airwalk produced a shoe model named Demyx (one likely focused towards women with its design), and another named Roxas.
  • Despite wielding water, Demyx has a weakness against Fire magic. This is because in the magic properties of Kingdom Hearts II, water is classified as a form of Blizzard magic. However, in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, water and blizzard are two different types of attacks and magic.

fr:Demyx es:Demyx de:Demyx


Zim Eats Waffles

Deep space zooms by. The title, author, and storyboarding credits fly by in 3d block letters. Planets also zoom by, including Foodcourtia, Blorch,Mars. and Conventia. The camera stops on Earth, then zooms onto the surface to Zim's street. GIR (in doggy suit) walks down the street humming. He holds groceries and sips from a SuckMunkey (in the SuckMunkey faced cup) in between his singing. Dib runs by a few times in front of GIR wearing a stealth suit that makes him visible only as a mirrored blur when he moves (like in the Predator). Dib allows GIR to pass him, then runs out from behind a fire hydrant. GIR walks into the front yard. Dib follows, taking cover behind the gnomes as he goes. GIR reaches the front door and opens it. GIR screams and turns around, knocking the top of the SuckMunkey cup off as he turns. GIR dumps out the contents of his SuckMunkey cup in Dib's direction. Dib screams. He becomes visible as his suit sparks.

Dib: I, um...

GIR: In-TRU-der!!

Beeping noises come from GIR. GIR then grabs a cookie from his grocery bag and eats it, humming cheerfully. Dib backs up a bit. He pulls off a skintight flesh-colored mask and tosses it to the side while getting out a spy camera. GIR's beeping stops.

Dib: Hey, would you mind putting this spy camera inside Zim's house so I can... spy on his evil and stuff?

Dib extends the spy camera to its full width.

GIR: Okey-dokey!

GIR takes the camera and runs inside, closing the door behind him.

Dib: I should've tried this a long time ago.

A gnome turns to face Dib and fires lasers from its hands. Dib screams and falls to the ground. Dib yells as he gets up just in time to miss the next blast. He runs out as more gnomes begin shooting lasers too. A huge laser blast comes from the front door. Dib runs into his house, screaming. Cut to Dib's bedroom. Dib enters and runs to his computer. His desktop image is of a UFO with the words 'THEY'RE HERE.' Dib types on his keyboard, opening up windows on his computer.

Dib: At last I've got a real video camera inside Zim's house! This time, I'm prepared!

Floating monitors with the Swollen Eyeball symbol emerge from the ceiling and spread around the room. Beeping is heard as several computer towers emerge from the floor.

Dib: Camera Dib 1- check! Record Drives Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Divi- Check!

The drives whir. Dib turns around and places his hands on one of the drives.

Dib: What!?! I can't record any of this with the drives broken! Computer! Run the disk repair!

Dib types on his keyboard.

Dib: Tell me as soon as the drives are functional again.

A window showing a doctor hitting the drives with a hammer pops up.

Dib: And now, Zim, to discover your next evil plan!

A window with a blue screen and the words 'Establishing video link' appears. Dots appear after the text until the window switches to video footage from within Zim's kitchen. Zim (in disguise) sits at a table reading a news paper. Zim folds up the news paper and sucks on an Irken lik-a-maid stick. GIR (in dog suit) sits down at the table with a bowl, a carton of milk, and a box of Krazy Flakes. GIR pours the cereal into the bowl.

Zim: Hey, look: they're gonna start making artificial beavers.

GIR begins opening the milk carton. Dib gasps.

Dib: He's after our beaver technology! Is this his next evil plan?

GIR gets up and walks away with the carton and cereal.

Zim: Well..

Zim blows air past his lips.

Zim: Time to work on my next evil plan.

Dib: Talk about perfect timing!

Dib hears beeping and looks at a drive, seeing a repair bar depicting how close it is to being fixed.

Dib: But no drives yet! The Swollen Eyeball's gotta see this!

A monitor rises up and a video feed from Agent Darkbootie appears.

Agent Darkbootie: Agent Darkbootie here.

Dib: I have a video feed from the alien's house!

The video feed from Zim's house shows Zim sucking on the lik-a-maid stick while reading the paper as GIR shoves his head into the cereal bowl making growly noises as he sucks up the food.

Agent Darkbootie: Hmmm... Agent Mothman, once I tied Bigfoot's toe hairs together. It was very funny, until his insane fit of howling rage ended in tragedy for a family of campers. My point is jokes do not have a place in the Swollen Eyeball network. Call back when you're serious.

Agent Darkbootie's transmission goes into static and his monitor screen lowers away.

Dib: But...

Zim yawns.

Zim: Yes! Time to work on my evil plan!

Dib: Ooooh!

Zim: To cripple the humans by destroying-


GIR walks in with a plate of steaming waffles.

Zim: I'm not going to eat that-

GIR screams uncontrollably.

Zim: ENOUGH!!! I will TRY some already!

Zim takes a forkful of waffle and, after much trepidation, shoves it in his mouth. He chews for awhile and then swallows.

Zim: Well... They don't seem to be making me sick... Ya know, this actually might be a good way to build a tolerance to the human's filthy food! Okay, GIR! I will try!

GIR jumps on the table and squeals. GIR runs out of the kitchen. Zim forks an entire waffle.

Zim: And as soon as I'm done with these waffles, I will discuss my evil plan!

GIR walks in with another plate of waffles and sets it on the table, then leaves. Zim holds the waffle he put on a fork up to his mouth.

Dib: Yes! This is it!

Zim (talking with mouth full): For this plan I will create a-

Zim swallows.

Zim: Hey, these aren't bad! What's in 'em?

GIR: There's waffle in 'em!

Zim: YOU'RE LYING!!! Anyhow, GIR I need a break from the talking of my new plan. Let's have some silence for a bit, huh?

Zim picks up an entire waffle with his fork and eats it all at once. Dib stares in anticipation.

GIR: I like to make waffles...

Zim chews and chews. He taps his fork on the table. Zim stops chewing and opens his mouth for a moment.

Zim: Eh.

He goes back to chewing. Zim holds his fork between both of his hands. Zim taps his fork again. Zim rubs the table cloth. Zim groans.

Dib: Come on! The plan already!

Zim holds another waffle up to his mouth.

Zim: Hey, you know who came by today?

GIR: Hm?

Zim: That ugly neighbor lady.

A giant evil mutant squid demon pokes his head into the kitchen.

Zim: She was wearing this horrible-

The squid moves back off-screen.

Zim: Huh?

The squid leaps on Zim. Zim yells as the squid holds Zim in its mouth and thrashes him around, knocking the waffles on the table. One waffle lands on GIR's head.

Zim: Oh, mighty dung!

GIR grabs the waffle on his head and eats it, as well as the last waffle on the table. Zim clings to the edge of the table, but the squid begins wrapping tentacles around his head.

Zim: The giant flesh-eating demon squid has escaped!

Zim groans as the squid pulls him away. The squid lifts Zim up and bashes him against the table as GIR vomits.

Dib: Oh, man!

The squid has Zim on the floor again.

Zim: Security! Protect your master!

The Robo Parents roll up to the squid. The squid grabs them and bites their heads off, then spits the heads away. Zim lifts up, screaming.

Zim: GIR! Defensive mode!

The squid grabs a microwave and bashes Zim with it. Lasers begin flying through the house.

GIR: Wee hehehheheee! Woo!

A robotic arm holding two ice cream cones emerges from GIR's head and ice cream truck music starts playing softly. The squid takes the ice cream and licks it. The robo-arm detracts back into GIR's head. A robotic creature of some sort walks by the camera.

Dib: An eyeball's gotta see this!

A monitor hovers up with a transmission from Agent Nessie.

Agent Nessie: Agent Nessie here.

Dib: Check this out! It's amazing!

GIR sits on the table alone, eating waffles.

Agent Nessie: A dog... eating waffles. HA SKINKIN' HA! Darkbootie told me about you, Mothman!

The transmission ends. Dib lowers his head.

GIR: What happened?

Zim walks in looking beat up.

Zim: Eh, he escaped.

Zim sets his chair upright and sits down. The sound of a motorcycle leaving is heard.

Zim: Oh well. He wasn't part of my new plan anyhow.

Zim straightens his wig.

Zim: I'll need a test subject. Bring me Nick!

GIR runs off. He returns with a plate of waffles which he sets on the table.

GIR: These got peanuts and soap in 'em!

GIR runs off. He wheels Nick up to the table. Nick has a happiness probe in his head and is strapped to a dolly. GIR walks away.

Dib: He's got a human test subject!

Shocks run through Nick every so often.
Zim: Ah yes, ummm, Nick! Neural experiment number 231! And how is the happiness probe in your brain doing today, filthy human?

Nick: It's great! I never want to leave this magical place! I'm so happy! Gah-ha!

Zim: Excellent! Want some waffles?

Dib: Zim's making him eat waffles! That poor kid... I gotta help!

A monitor rises up. Dib presses a button on it.

Dib: Please! I need somebody from the Eyeball net to believe me!

A transmission from Agent Disembodied Head appears.

Dib: Agent Disembodied Head! I need a mobile Eyeball unit to-

Agent Disembodied Head: Agent Mothman, STOP CALLIN' US!!!

The transmission ends and the monitor lowers away.

Dib: Then I'll try the FBI!

Dib reaches for another monitor screen, pressing the button on the monitor off screen. The monitor shows a transmission from the FBI. Greg the FBI operator sits in a chair.

Greg: Hello, thank you for calling the FBI. My name is Greg. How may I help you?

Dib: I have an emergency! There's someone who's-

Greg: *laughs* Hey, hey. You're Dib, right? Did you ever get that ninja ghost outta your toilet?

Dib: Yes, no thanks to you! There's someone in trouble!

Dib and Greg watch Zim and Nick eat waffles. Nick coughs.

Nick: It's good!

Nick collapses on the table. Greg chuckles.

Greg: Man, that kid sure loves his waffles! Stay right there. We're sending someone over to beat you up for playing jokes on the FBI!

Dib: But look at the brain probe!

Greg: Oh, alright. We'll send someone over to investigate... when we get around to it.

Greg turns around in his chair and the transmission ends. Zim and Nick begin to look sick. Bubbles fill the room due to the soap GIR made the waffles with. Several shocks go through Nick. GIR walks in with two new plates of waffles. He sets them on the table and walks to the other side of the table.

GIR: You look like you need waffles, boo hoo hoooo!

GIR walks out.

Nick: Yay!

Dib: Gotta stall him for time!

Dib presses a button on a monitor screen and it cuts to a transmission with Bloaty's Pizza Hog. The Bloaty employee looks very bored.

Bloaty Employee: Bloaty's Pizza Hog. We deliver, I guess...

Dib types on his keyboard.

Dib: I need you to deliver to this address right now!

Bloaty Employee: We guarantee we'll see what we can do.

The employee falls asleep. The transmission ends and the monitor screen lowers away. Nick groans and holds his stomach as shocks run through him.

Dib: Maybe I bought some time! The suspense is unbearable! Hurry up, FBI!

Zim and Nick no longer have any waffles on their plates.

Zim: And now, GIR, to test my evil plan on this child!

Dib: Noooooooo!!

GIR walks in with three plates of waffles, one of the plates balanced on his head. GIR sets the two plates in his hands on the table, knocking the previous plates away.

Zim: No more waffles, GIR!

GIR: *screams madly*

Zim: No, really! I'm starting to feel sick!

GIR makes quivering noises with his lips. GIR wails and taps a waffle against Zim's head.

Zim: Alright! I'll eat just one more piece!

Zim snatches the waffle and begins eating it. He gags several times. Zim then notices somthing happening out of the camera's range.

Zim: Ahhh! The hideous mutant squid has escaped again and has created an army of cyborg zombie soldiers to do its evil bidding!

Zim grabs another waffle and cowers, munching on it.

Zim: No! Stay back! Stay back! Nooo!

The cyborgs march through the kitchen along with the squid, taking Zim with them as they go by. One stops and looks at Nick, then continues. Nick groans and picks up some more waffles. The squid suddenly swings Zim into Dib's camera, causing the camera to fall to the ground and the transmission to go into static briefly. It cuts back at a perspective looking up at Nick. Zim's groans are heard. Dib presses a button on a monitor screen repeatedly.

Dib: Agent Darkbootie! Answer! Agent Darkbootie! BOOTIE!!

The shadows of the squid and cyborgs can be seen on the wall beating up Zim.

Nick: Augh! It's horrible! Horrible! Army of cyborgs rending Zim's very flesh! Oh, the carnage makes me so happy! Hehe!

The doorbell rings.

Bloaty Employee: *off-screen* Hello. Bloaty's Pizza.

Nick takes a bite of his waffle.

Nick: Heh heh, Hoowhee!

Nick tosses his waffle.

Nick: Hehe, now the cyborgs are eatin' pizza! And the FBI is being cocooned and fed to squid babies that just flew in from the window! *laughs*

Nick: What's that thing Zim's got?

Zim's shadow lifts up a toilet plunger.

Zim: Don't make me use this! I'll do it!

The shadows of the squids and cyborgs leap towards Zim and a loud zap is heard. A great gust of wind blows, sending waffles and parts of the Bloaty costume flying past. Nick grabs a plate of waffles as it flies by. The gust stops and GIR pops up on the edge of the table with a plate of waffles. GIR makes the triumphant noise that Blue from Blue's Clues makes. Nick and GIR eat waffles. On Dib's floating monitor screen, a transmission from Agent Darkbootie appears.

Agent Darkbootie: What is it, Mothman?

Nick and GIR continue eating waffles.

Agent Darkbootie: *irritated* Oh. You make me sick.

The transmission ends. Dib stands up and shakes the monitor.

Dib: No! Wait! There was a mutant! And cyborgs! And-

Dib sits back down. One of Dib's drives beeps.

Dib: Yes! The record drives are fixed! *pounds his fist on the record drive and it starts working*

Dib: I can show it to the Eyeballs later! Your waffle eating days are over, Zim!

Zim gets up looking beaten.

Zim: Well, thankfully I was able to reprogram those cyborgs at the last minute and send them off to do horrible things to the humans! but my evil plan! Hey! I forgot what my evil plan was! Oh well. GIR, your waffles have sickened me! Fetch me the bucket!

GIR squeals with joy. Dib screams.

Dib: The plan! WHAT WAS THE PLAN!?!

Dib shakes his computer monitor. The sound of Zim vomiting is heard.

Dib: Oh well... Least I have something recorded on disk! It wasn't a total loss.

Dib types on his keyboard. Cyborgs burst through his windows and stomp around, crushing Dib's computer, record drives, and his Swollen Eyeball monitors. They walk out of Dib's room.

Dib: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *crawls into bed* Whatever...

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