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The outline for a 6★ Upright Medal.

Medals are the primary means of conducting battle in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ. They are the embodiment of power from the future, drawn from the Book of Prophecies.

Multiple types of medals exist within the game, and each has a different use. These include, but are not limited to performing both regular and special attacks, boosting the Strength and Defense values of other medals, and adding experience to other medals. New medals are added to the game on a regular basis, including through time-limited events.


Medals can be obtained from various sources within the game. These include, but are not limited to, as rewards for story and special quest completion, from the shop, and also from chests. For each Keyblade used within the game, a certain number of attack medals can be assigned to one of that Keyblade's three separate decks. The number of medals which can be assigned is dependent on the level of the Keyblade. However, the number of open slots will always range between three to five.

All medals have a star value assigned to them at any given time. This can range between 1★ and 7★. 1★ medals have lower Strength and Defense values than any other medal type. In general, and particularly for Attack Medals, as the star value increases through 2★, 3★, etc., so do the aforementioned values.

Each medal is also given a level. For a standard 1★ medal, this level will be a whole number value out of 20 (E.g. 1/20). For subsequent star values, the maximum level will increase by either 10 or 20 (7★ medals have a maximum level of 120). In order to increase a medal's star value, it must be levelled up with the use of experience. To this end, all medals have a set amount of experience assigned to them.

The quantity of experience varies greatly between different medals and medal types. In general Experience Medals are used to level up other medals. Once a medal has reached the maximum level for its star value, it can be evolved. This requires the use of Evolve Medals, alongside Flora, Fauna and Merryweather medals.

Attack Medals

Attack medals are primarily used to initiate attacks against the enemy during quests. Two methods exist for their usage. The first requires the player to either swipe the screen or to tap one particular enemy in the battle.

If this is done, the selected medal will then be used to perform a regular Keyblade attack against the opponent(s). Depending on whether the screen is swiped or a single enemy tapped, the the attack will be directed toward all enemies in the battle or only towards the selected enemy. In general, regular attacks performed against a single enemy will deal more damage to that enemy than an attack made against all enemies would against one enemy in the field of battle. The second offensive method involves swiping the medal diagonally upwards from the bottom left corner of the game screen. This will initiate a special attack (See below).

Each attack medal has a unique value for both Strength and Defense. This value increases as both the level and star value of a medal are increased. Chip and Dale Boost Medals can be used to increase these values. The maximum number that a medal's Strength and Defense can be increased by these medals is 1,000 for medals that are not prime or enhanced to supernova or supernova+. Prime medals can be increased to 2,000 each and supernova and supernova+ to 3,000.

An element is also assigned to each attack medal. These elements are power, speed and magic. Each element type is strong against one other element and weak against the other. For example, a speed medal will be strong against an enemy Heartless with magic attributes, but will be weak against an enemy with the power attribute. The element for a medal will be consistent for all medals. To demonstrate, the Peter Pan medal will always be a speed-type medal. Each Keyblade deck within the game will often have one or more slots which grant a bonus to a medal bearing a particular element.

Special Attacks

The Special Attack Gauge, located in the top left corner of the game screen.

Special Attacks are upgraded battle manoeuvres which can be used in battle. Each attack medal has a unique special attack assigned to it. Special Attacks can vary from offensive attacks, to status effect alterations, to healing. The use of special attacks is governed by the Special Attack Gauge. This gauge has a maximum limit of 16, and a lower limit of 9, though this varies between each Keyblade. Each attack medal's special attack has a value assigned to it between 1 and 4. Use of a special attack depletes the special attack gauge by the same amount. The gauge can be replenished by defeating enemies, and more particularly when defeating a group of enemies. It can also be replenished with the use of Jewels.

The special attack for each medal also hosts a number of dots. Each dot represents a power-up for the special attack. At a star value of 6★, each medal has five dots. This quantity is lower for smaller star values, though medals of star value 1★ and 2★ do not have any dots. To alter the color of the dots from transparent to bright yellow, the player must use a duplicate of a medal to "level up" that medal. This can only take place if both medals have the same star value. As these duplicated medals can also possess dots, any dots which the medal being used already has will combine with those of the second medal. On the occasion that all five dots at star value 6★ have been turned yellow, the Special Attack Bonus will be activated. This will be chosen at random when the event occurs, and the value chosen (E.g. 35%) will be the percentage by which each special attack made by that medal is boosted. The special attack bonus can be boost with the use of certain Boost Medals.

The icons assigned to the range of special attack bonuses.


Skills are upgrades which can be attached to attack medals in order to provide them with a unique attribute. Skills vary greatly, but include boosts to attack and defense values as well as unique status effects. Regular attack medals do not usually come with a skill attached, but must instead be added through the use of a Scrooge medal. Each Scrooge medal has a different skill attached. In order to combine a Scrooge medal with an attack medal, the Scrooge medal must be added to the base medal in the same manner as would an experience medal, by using the "Level Up" function. This will then transfer the skill to the medal, so long as the "Overwrite Skill" function has been activated. Adding a skill via this method has a 100% chance of succeeding. A regular attack medal already possessing a skill can be added to a base medal, and this will allow the option to overwrite the original skill if the non-base medal has been placed in the leftmost slot. This method does not have a 100% chance of succeeding, however, and so the base medal will often retain its original skill regardless of the medal(s) added. Medals containing skills can also be added with the overwrite skill option deselected. This method does, however, result in the complete loss of the skill on the non-base medal.

Each skill will have a percentage chance of activating when used in battle. Some skills can be activated both by regular attacks and by special attacks, though some can only be activated by the former. Defense Boosts are activated only during the enemy turn, when the foe(s) attack.


Nova is a gameplay element introduced in a later update to Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ. It appears in the form of an icon on the right-hand side of the game screen, and upon being pressed allows a large amount of damage to be dealt to all enemies in a battle at no cost. Nova can only be used once per quest or Raid Boss battle.

Nova becomes available for use with all Keyblades once the special attack bonus for one medal has been unlocked. Subsequent unlocks of special attack bonuses for other medals will cause the level of Nova to increase by 1.

Experience (EXP) Medals

Experience Medals are medals primarily used to increase the level of other medals. 6★ experience medals provide the most experience, whilst 1★ medals provide the least. Huey, Dewie and Louie are the three separate medals which are specialised to grant large quantities of experience. Another medal, entitled "Huey, Dewie & Louie" also acts as an experience medal.

Boost Medals

Boost Medals are medals which are used to increase a value of an attack medal. The values which can be altered include Strength, Defense and the Special Attack Bonus. Chip and Dale medals are used to increase the Strength and Defense values of an attack medal. Depending on the star value of the Chip or Dale medals, the aforementioned values can be increased by 25, 50, 100 or 150 at one time. Magic Mirror medals are used to increase the special attack bonus. Each use of a Magic Mirror medal will increase the bonus by 1%.

Other boost medals in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ include Mickey, Broom, Broom Servant and Mickey & Broom medals. These each have a different use and potency.

Evolve Medals

Evolve Medals are used to upgrade attack medals from one star value to the next. These include the Flora, Fauna and Merryweather medals, among others. Depending on the element of the medal being upgraded, it will require either of Flora, Fauna, or Merryweather to be evolved. Power-type medals require Flora for the increase from 4★ to 5★ and from 5★ to 6★. Speed-type medals require the use of Fauna for the same star value changes, and Magic-type medals use Merryweather. However, only evolve medals with the same star value as the medal to be upgraded can be utilized to carry out the task. Upon reaching max level for 6★, 7★ becomes available to unlock using 5 blue fairy medals of the same tier of the original medal. This does require that original medal has reached max level for 6★, has all 5 dots filled in and has the guilt range maxed.

Old Star Value New Star Value Evolve Medals Required
1★ 2★ Cheshire Cat (x1)
2★ 3★ Merlin (x2)
3★ 4★ Fairy Godmother (x3)
4★ 5★ Yen Sid (x2) ; Flora/Fauna/Merryweather (x2)
5★ 6★ Fantasia Mickey Ver. A (x2) ; Flora/Fauna/Merryweather (x2)

Cost Medals

Cost Medals are medals used to lower the cost of a Keyblade. These medals appear solely in the form of Cid. Each Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ has a cost capacity which medals placed into the deck have to adhere to in order to be used. Medals themselves are therefore each assigned a "cost". This cost increases as medals are evolved to greater star values. Thus, medals placed into the deck of a Keyblade must be equal to, or less than the Keyblade cost capacity, else that Keyblade cannot be used. A Cid medal can be used to decrease the cost of one medal by 1, 5, or 10. The maximum cost which any medal can have subtracted from it is 20.

Munny Medals

Munny Medals are medals which can be sold to obtain large amounts of Munny. Whilst all medals can be sold, munny medals are particularly specialised to be sold in exchange for a greater quantity. Munny medals come in the form of Moogles, and like all other medals, have a star value assigned to them. Higher star values have a greater monetary value, and thus are more valuable.

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